Does agriculture contribute to Nigeria economy?


Does agriculture contribute to Nigeria’s economy? I am just curious. is agriculture important, does it by any chance contribute positively or negatively to Nigeria’s economy? Can we improve it?

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  1. Eva

    Yes…Agriculture contributes greatly to Nigeria’s economy because of the following

    1. Some farmers trade their agricultural products in exchange for money which make most of the farmers very rich(I mean the commercial farmers) and it helps the peasant farmers survive. This farmers pay tax to the government.

    2. Agriculture provides most of the food we eat as Nigerians for example garri, beans, vegetables, fruits rice etc that are the food in Nigeria are the product of agriculture…so it helps the economy in the provision food.

    3. It also help in keeping of herbs for medicinal use and also help.

    4. Agricultural products are exported daily, Agricultural product account for over 20% of Nigeria’s yearly revenue. Hence it contributes to Nigeria’s economy.

    It is a fact that agriculture contributes greatly to Nigeria’s economy.
    It is the Nigeria’s second biggest export.

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  2. Flint

    Agriculture has been our ancestral form of livelihood handed down to us by our ancestors I will say yes to your question – does agriculture contribute to Nigeria’s economy, it does… and also to our  GDP.

    With a large expanse of land scattered all over the country agriculture has always been the MainStay of the nation before crude oil was discovered in Niger delta. It helped feed our teeming population and provided raw materials for some of our industries. It has also helped to reduce the high rate of unemployment in our country. Agriculture contributes to our economy as a nation because farmers pay tax.


    Agriculture sure contributes to Nigerian economy. Before crude oil was discovered in Niger delta, Agriculture was the major source of revenue for the government of Nigeria.

    The country was sustained by agriculture.

    Today, Agriculture contribute more than 20% of Nigeria’s yearly revenue. This is gotten from tax and other levies on farmers and exported agricultural products

  3. Williamspro

    Agriculture has and would always contribute to Nigeria economy even though it is tagged a dirty business. There are viable opportunities that remain un-explored yet, The Agric sector is enough to lift the nation from third world to first world country.

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