How can I be a good Nigerian wife?


How can I be a good Nigerian wife? If I am going to be married to a Nigerian I think I should know how to approach him. I want to build a home that lasts and I just learned that Nigerian men are different? What can I do to be a good wife.

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  1. Limbro

    This is relative to cultures, traditions and tribes as Nigeria is a home to divers culture, traditions and tribes.

    What is applicable in the north might not work in the east. While there are basic requirements, You might also want to look deeper – into the tribe or religion of the person you are looking to marry.

    Generally, Nigeria men appreciate women who are religious, domestically good, educated, love their surname (and willing to drop their maiden name), have a good relationship with people around ( family, friends/acquaintances and neighbors.)

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    How to be a good Nigerian wife is
    (And this is just my opinion)

    Good Nigerian Wife

    1) Be original

    Most women build their entire life around falsehood, to be a good Nigerian wife, you must understand the basics of love, love is truthful, so you have to be truthful, don’t fake character, don’t fake love, don’t fake anything, be original.

    2)Be prayerful

    One of the criteria for picking a wife in Nigerian is that “she must be God fearing and prayerful. Nigerians are spiritual people, there are both Christians and Muslim, A prayerful wife is considered a very good wife in Nigeria

    3) Be supportive

    While men put up good front, they also need support both morally and spiritually. There is a popular saying that “behind every successful man, there is a woman”, this statement is true. You will play major role in determining the level your husband will attain in life.

    Support him financially by paying children school fees or stocking the fridge if you are gainfully employed.

    4) Focus on your family

    , Women have this tendency to compare their family (man) with other men – don’t do it. Men do that too, but this page is about how to be a good Nigerian wife

    5) Plan Well

    – When you plan well you won’t waste money. Learn to buy thing in bulk, lots of men love women that help them spend less.

    There is really nothing that is etched in stones about being a good Nigerian wife because the character of your husband is also a vital part of the equation.

    Nevertheless, if you are going to stand for good, never waiver, even when you are treated wrongly, in the end, posterity will judge you rightly.

    Best answer

    The question about being a good Nigerian wife is a complex one since Nigerian men can’t be categorically adjudged by a universal character or behavior.

    They are all different. Some are quite traditional, and some aren’t. Some are in love with Feminism, the likes of @solomon_Buchi and @Nelsons_Emanuel on instagram. In contrast, some disgust Feminism as they kind of see it as misandry. Most Nigerian men prefer a woman who is going to be obedient and patient with them. Nigerians in total hate divorce. They have a bad stigma placed on a divorced woman and a little on the men.

    If you have to marry a Nigerian man, know the type of man he is.

    Know his views, likes and ideology. Would it match yours. If his beliefs are different from yours, then I suggest you stay away from such marriage.

    Nigerian men love women that are

    1) Original

    2) Caring

    3) smart

    4)and above all not materialistic.

    So if you have most of this characteristics, you are good to go!

  2. Eva

    To be a good Nigerian wife you have to be yourself and be prayerful first.. Then there are other necessary virtues.

    1.Knowing your place

    2.Trusting your husband and making him trust you do(you don’t have to force it, trust get built over time)

    3. Understand him and make yourself understandable too

    4. Ask for less and important things.

    5. Pickup relevant fight

    6. You are his help meet, so do the needful.

    7. Be smart, neat, communicative , satisfactory so he won’t av any reason to go out


    If you want to be a good Nigerian wife with a loving home and husband you must know one or two things about a man.

    Also, have a good relationship with the originator of marriage (God).

    There are good days and there are days that come with challenges. Whichever way, if you have God and good advisers you will always come out on top.

    There is no special recipe that works on Nigerian men. When you plan to be too good, you may just be too clingy

    Every human being in expected to be






    Make useful contribution to your marriage, you dont need to say yes all the time and you dont need to be stubborn unreasonably.

    Most importantly, have some elderly women as friend, women with wonderful marriages.

    Never take advise from a single or newly weds. Talk to women or men that are way past your age in marriage and have gathered reasonable experiences.

    I repeat: Never take advice from singles or newly weds, go for older people in loving marriages.


  3. Flint

    How one can be a good Nigerian wife is very simple as a Nigerian man has just two important principles among many which is are that you should be submissive and also learn one or two things about domestic chores… cooking especially.

    There is a saying in Nigeria that the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach

    With these virtues/skill, you are automatically considered a good wife material. Being a wife is not quite easy as you would have to do many things at a time. Being a Nigerian wife is very tasking and demanding as you are not a wife only to your husband but to his entire family. This is as a result of our culture. Being a good Nigerian wife requires you to be ;

    • Hardworking
    • Dedicated
    • Clean
    • Prayerful
    • Cheerful
    • Obedient
    • Resourceful
    • Dependable
    • Respectful and
    • Godly

    No Nigerian man loves a lazy , dirty, and disrespectful wife.

    Lastly, don’t get it twisted, Nigerian men love their wife to the moon and back, especially when you find a good Christian who is open to communication and desires to build a life with you.


    Becoming a good wife starts from been a good woman.

    Follow this principle as wife.

    1. Do things as unto God. This simply means you put God above all in your marriage. Do things just to make him happy.

    2. Respect your man.

    It doesn’t matter if he is a good man or not. Respect your man, pamper him and show him he is a king.

    3. Help your man to achieve more and dream bigger.

    Be a woman that helps in directing her husband in the right path to greatness.

    Contribute to the finances of the home. No matter how little.

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