How can I Start a good Business of my own in Ibadan


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How can I start a good business of my own in Ibadan? I want to be selling footwear (Shoes) but i notice people sells the same thing in same place here.

If you start it you will surely see rival…what can i do and what did i need so my business will grow well among others?

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    Starting a good business requires deep level thinking.

    You don’t start a business just because it catches your fancy, you start after you have learned about the business and understood certain laws of business.

    Why do you want to sell footwear?

    What do you know about foot wears?

    Do you understand the needs of the people in Ibadan, the kind of shoes they like?

    people want to buy good products and they want them cheap. What can you do differently in order to deliver both cheap and good wear.

    I will list three of the major laws for starting  up a small scale business. This law would work in Ibadan, lagos and wherever it is applied. Note: These are just my opinions.

    1) Diligence law:

    Seeth thou a man diligent in his business…. he will stand before kings. When you finally decide to open your footwear business (If you decide). You must stay open and hustle. You don’t open your shop when you like and stay at home when you like.

    2) Price Law:

    Your goods must not be expensive, even your friends won’t buy from you if your goods are not affordable. Most people attach emotions to their business, they attach all their problems to one product, this is wrong.

    3) Customer support:

    Relationship with your customers are always right. The slogan that “customers are always right” is a valid one.

    These laws looks simple but they can help you start your own business and eventually find good success.

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    You can start a good business in Ibadan if u can understand some of the basic business principles as listed below.

    1. Good Ideas: Before anything else comes in, you must have a great ideas. Every other factor of business is built on ideas. you can have many ideas in your head but you have to know the demands of people in Ibadan, what they lack in the area. You must not do what another person is doing.

    We have this copy-copy mentality in Nigeria where every body want to do what the other person is doing.

    You must think hard and deep to generate an idea that is totally yours if you want to start a good business of your own in Ibadan.

    2. Fund/capital: After knowing the business suitable for the area…u try and raise the fund that will be enough to start your business. Anybody can raise funds, don’t wait till you gather lots of money, you can start small and grow big.

    3. Then you know the place to site your business…I mean the suitable part of Ibadan where your business can be positioned in order to attract more customers. The site of your business is very important as it is determines whether your business will fail or succeed.

    4. After all these…you set up your business and u know how to price tag what u r selling…u tag according to the cost of living. You must not set your

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    Sure, you can start a good business of your own in Ibadan. Anybody can have a successful business in any part of the country if you understand the basic principles that guarantee business success.

    You must narrow down your ideas to one a single option.

    Lots of people have contrasting ideas clouding their mind, you must narrow down your many ideas to one single idea and then give it all you’ve got. If you do a study on successful business people, you will notice that they have core areas they focus.

    One of the biggest thread to starting up a good business is conflicting ideas.

    I know people that try different business every year! You don’t succeed like that.

    Every business opportunity comes with it’s own challenges. You must be brave and ready to face them when they surface, success is not for men that chicken out.

    Starting a good business of your own in Ibadan requires you doing a feasibility study in your chosen area, don’t just jump into any business.

    Identifying the problems of your people and developing strategies for solving them. It requires you sourcing for capital if your kind of business is capital Oriented and knowing your target market.

    Make sure there huge demand for your goods or service.

    I have never been to Ibadan but you can start a good business of your own in any part of Nigeria by following the same principle.

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