How do you greet someone in Nigeria?


I belong to a local Nigerian church here is Michigan and I get to meet lots of Nigerians but how do you greet someone in Nigeria the appropriate way?

I mean without sounding or looking disrespectful. I would very much appreciate your feedback.

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    How you greet someone in Nigeria is officially the same way you greet a person in any English speaking nation, except you are looking to understand basic Nigerian languages and how they greet.

    Nigeria has over 250 tribes and they have different cultures. They eat, dress and greet differently. It is impossible to Learn over 250 different languages. In Nigeria the official language is English. Just greet your Nigerian friends in English. If its a female older than you, make use of ma. Example, good morning ma. If its a male, you can say good morning sir.

    It is offensive in Nigeria especially the Yoruba and Igbo ethnic group to greet an adult or someone older than you by their names. Example, good morning Sam,  it is really offensive and would be frowned at. You could even be penalized.

    Just make use of ma or sir while greeting. Nigerians don’t also call their parents by their names. Its either you call them mom or dad in English or their traditional language. That is how you greet someone in Nigeria.

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  1. Flint

    Greetings is one aspect of our culture we don’t joke about. Greeting someone in Nigeria is very important in fostering good relationship. How to greet someone in Nigeria largely depends on your ethnicity. Some ethnic groups greet by prostrating on the floor as a mark of respect while others great by taking a bow and saying the good will of the time of the day in English (good morning sir or madam) or in ur native language such; ekaro ma, nnoo.. Most times the greeting that is acceptable by a Nigerian is one that shows respect and humility.

  2. Eva

    Greeting in Nigeria depends on the culture and we have different cultures in Nigeria.. But since we have a common language I.e English language we greet in English using the time of the day eg good morning, good afternoon and good evening… For elderly people you add ma/sir as a sign of respect. You say something like good morning ma or Good afternoon sir… depending on the hour of the day. Because respect in Nigeria is a priority.

  3. Williamspro

    Depending on the individual, environment or age of individual but a simple hello, hi or good morning would do. don’t overthink the matter, how you greet someone in Nigeria is the same way you greet someone in America.

  4. Marufah

    Greeting is a very important aspect of Nigerian lifestyle. Greetings depend on people’s cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Most cultures in Nigeria greet elders respectfully by prostrating or kneeling. However, you don’t need to bother too much about this, as they will understand that you’re not a Nigerian. And because the universal language is English, a simple “Hello”, Good morning/afternoon/evening would be okay. Just make sure you greet older people with respect by adding a “Sir” or “Ma”.

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