How many religions do we have in Nigeria?


How many religions do we have in Nigeria? Like how many is recognized by the government and the people of Nigeria?

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  1. Eva

    We have three Main Religion in Nigeria and a couple of others.

    1) Christianity

    2) Islamic Religion

    3) Traditional religion

    4) Jewish religion

    Outside this three we have other numerous religions which are Hinduism, Buddhism, ogboni, recently I discovered that there is a religion called chrislam(combination of Christian and Islamic) and so many more…one can not really know the exact number of religion that we have in Nigeria.

    I am certain that every religion in the world is well represented in Nigeria.

  2. Dyke

    Nigeria is a country with different beliefs and History which has brought about the different religions practiced here; which are



    Traditional worshippers

    These are the three major religions practiced in Nigeria.

  3. Williamspro

    we have three religions in Nigeria.

    1 Christianity

    2. Islam

    3. traditional religion.

    am sure they are others which do not fall into the above segment but they have a very low population

  4. Flint

    Nigerias is a multi cultural, multi ethnic, multi religious and multi tribal society. There are some many religions one can find in Nigeria such as Christianity Islam ,African traditional religion, Jewish religion (although not so popular) and so many too numerous to mention… But there are three main religion in Nigeria which is Christianity, Islam and african traditional religion..

  5. Oz

    There are three main religions in Nigeria,namely;

    1)The Christian religion

    The introduction of Christianity began with the arrival of British missionaries in the middle and southern regions of Nigeria.

    2)The Islamic religion

    Islam became firmly established in northern Nigeria. It is mostly practiced by the northerners.

    3)The Traditional religion/ worship.
    This traditional worship was done through a traditional priest who gave favor only after a sacrifice has been done.

  6. Oladinho

    We have three major religions in Nigeria.

    Christian religion

    Islam religion

    Traditional religion

    The traditional religion is the oldest of the three religion in Nigeria.

    The three religion has different belief.

  7. Supernatural

    There are three major religions in Nigeria namely;


    Islam and

    Traditional religion.

    People who practice Christianity are called Christians and they are those who believe in Jesus being the pathway to God, the Muslims practise Islam and believe Mohammed is the mediator between them and God while the traditional believers are the ones that vary the most, some of them worship Ogun some sango and a lot more.

  8. Eazykelee

    We have 3 religions in Nigeria.

    1. Christianity; is the religion with most followers in Nigeria. Introduced during the British arrival in Nigeria. Mostly east and southern based and not so strong in the north

    2. Islam; is the second leading religion in Nigeria. Have a strong base in the northern part of Nigeria and west and also growing in the east.

    3. Traditional worshipers; These is the religion that has been before the introduction of Christianity and Islam.
    it involves the worship of spiritual deities popularly called “the gods”. Every every ethnic group had names for their gods, even individuals have shrines in their homes.

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    There are basically three religions in Nigeria. Two of them are quite popular while it does seem like the third is fading away with each passing day.

    Below are the major Religion that currently exist in Nigeria

    1) Christianity

    2) Islam

    3) Traditional Religion

    Besides these three religions, there are others that are considered minor and only exist in certain part of the country. We have

    1) Jewish Religion (Judaism)

    2) Hinduism

    3) Satanism

    4) Buddhism

    5) Atheism

    I can say a whole lot about the three Main Religion of Nigeria, the other five are hardly practiced in broad day light.

    I consider Christianity as the dominant religion in Nigeria owing to the number of churches spread all over the country. Nigeria is currently considered the world headquarter of the church.

    Nigeria double as home to world’s richest pastors and also home to the three Biggest churches In The World.

    The second religion would be the Islam, practiced by over 80% of the Hausa group in Northern Nigeria, About 48% of the Yoruba Ethnic group in western Nigeria and a small percentage of the people in the middle belt.

    The last would be the traditional religion.

    While over 85 percent of Nigerians are either Christians or Muslims, there is a small fraction that have remained in the traditional religion.

    Over 90 percent of our grand fathers where in the traditional religion until Islam and Christianity was introduced in Nigeria.

    Those are the many religions we have in Nigeria

    You can add your own religion.

    Religion in Nigeria


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  9. Kabeerah

    We can’t really come out and say Nigeria has a  particular number of religion, but the two major domineering religion is Islam and Christianity, the latter happens to be more than the first.

    The northern part of the country houses the majority of the Muslims in the country, the southwest majority Yoruba are mixed while the east and the Southern and Eastern part of the country has the highest number of Christian.

    There is traditional religion which was the central religion of Nigeria before the advent of these two popular religions that we have now.

    The traditional religion varies from one ethics group to another, specific deities are associated with a particular tribe, for example, sango (god of thunder), Ogun(god of iron), etc are associated with Yoruba tribe, Ala (female deities of the earth), Amadioha (god of thunder), Ekwensu(trickster god) are associated with the Igbo.

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