How many tribes do we have in Nigeria?


How many tribes do we have in Nigeria? I am doing a term paper on Nigerian tribes, hence my question. Thanks for answers to previous questions, I a learning so much about Nigeria.

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  1. Eva

    Research shows that we have 371 tribes existing in Nigeria and about 774 languages are spoken among these tribes. Some of the major languages spoken in Nigeria are -Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, urhobo, isoko, itshekiri, kwale, ijaw, ikewere, efik, kalabari, ogoni, Ibibio, etc.

    Below are some of the major tribes in Nigeria.

    Best answer

    There are 380 tribe in Nigeria (statistically). This results in what we call tribal conflict. Countries like the Britain could unanimously speak with one voice. You don’t get that in Nigeria since there is always what I call tribal sentiment.

    Now, we have the presidency zoned to the Hausa tribe, it started from the Yoruba tribe some 20 years ago. By the next few year, we expect a president from the Igbo tribe.

  2. Williamspro

    Many tribes exists in Nigeria, the number is 371

    I remember during my primary school days I was taught then that we have 308 tribes in Nigeria and three major tribes(Igbo,yoruba and hausa ). 

    it was the claim of my teacher then that all tribes are under the three major tribes. imagine my surprise and confession when life taught me that a lot of tribes reject being classified under the three major tribes like an urhobo man( urhobo is a tribe found in delta state Nigeria ) would never agree to be called igbo.

    An Igbo man will not also accept him as a brother. 

    We have above 370 tribes in Nigeria, each has its own language, while a great number of the tribes speak a variation of the major languages.

    The Ikwerre tribe in River state Nigeria speaks a language that is similar to Igbo, it is just a variance, not the real thing.

    How many tribes we have in Nigeria? The answers is 371.

  3. Flint

    Nigeria is a multicultural multi-religious and multi-ethnic society you can’t really ascertain Bessie the number of tribes in Nigeria.

    Studies have shown that there are over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria such as the Nupes, the TiVs .,the Ishekiris, the Hausas the Igbos the Yorubas among these tribes in Nigeria the Hausas, the Igbos and the Yorubas are the largest in terms of number States occupied, political influence and contributions to Nigeria’s economy.

  4. Oz
    • We have about 371 tribes in Nigeria.
  5. There are basically three tribes in Nigeria. They are as follows :

    1) The Igbo

    2) The Hausa.

    3) The Yoruba.

    These three tribes constitute many ethnic and sub-ethnic groups within them.

    The Igbo people are located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. They speak the IGBO language, and they are predominantly Christians and Traditional Religious Worshippers. Their occupation includes farming and trading. They are very industrious and well-traveled. Their foods include Oha soup, Native soup, Okro soup, rice etc.

    The Hausa people occupy the vast North of Nigeria. They are mostly farmers and livestock herders, especially cattle rearers . They also have traders amongst them. They speak the HAUSA language. They are mostly Muslims and Traditional Religious Worshippers. They eat Tuwo, Maize products ,etc.

    The Yoruba people are located in the Western part of Nigeria. They practice Christianity, Islam, and African Traditional Religion. They are mostly farmers and traders. Their foods include : Gbegiri, Ewa Agoin, etc.

    The Southern part of Nigeria have sub-ethnic groups, not large enough to form a tribe. They have their own perculiar culture too.


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