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Category : Igbo Tribe

The Igbo Tribe is one of the major ethnic groups that exist in Nigeria. So what is special about this set of people? Origin, tradition, why do you find an Igbo in every part of the world?

Igbo tribe
A typical Igbo family in Igbo attire.

The Igbo tribe is a popular part of the Nigerian nation, some of the greatest Nigerians are from this ethnic group.

They are one of the major ethnic groups native to present-day south-central and south-eastern Nigeria.

The Igbos are considered the richest tribe in Nigeria because they are hardworking and versatile when it comes to business.

What is the Origin of The Igbo Tribe

There has been much speculation about the origins of the Igbo people.

Basic school literature chronicled a version of the origin story about how Eri descended from heaven (the supposed father of the Igbos). Who begat nri and several other sons that made up the Igbo states.

Another version of the story tied the Igbos to Gad, the first son of Jacob, and to Isreal.

However, the true origin of the Igbos is yet unknown. There exists no concrete evidence to authenticate these popular speculations.

What are the Igbos Famous for?

Chiefly, Igbos are famous for trade and creativity.

According to online and offline surveys, the Nigerian trade and commerce industry is largely controlled by the Igbos.

They are also the most traveled ethnic group in Nigeria. There is hardly a country in the world where Igbos are not represented – Popular opinion.

Music, movies, comedy, Igbos are major stakeholders in Nigerian entertainment.

The Igbo tribe is known for a lot of things. You can read all about it

How to Marry a Girl from Igbo Tribe

Igbo tribe girl
A typical Igbo girl from Nigeria.

All that is required is traditional marriage rites and the proceedings are well enshrined in Igbo tradition and customs.

The main point of focus for this event is the fulfillment of the marriage list which involves settlement of customary rites and payment of dowry.

You can read more about Traditional marriage in Igboland, the three stages, the list and so much more.

What are Popular Foods Among the Igbo Tribe

Igbo cultures and traditions are wrapped around certain native foods like ji (yam), hence, the Iri Ji festival (new yam festival).

Which has remained an integral part of the Igbo culture even in modern societies.

Igbo Cultural Foods

Besides yams, there are other popular foods among the Igbos. Several foods are made out of cassava, foods like – fufu, garri, abacha, etc.

Maize, rice, beans, Okro, cocoyam, pumpkins, melon, and cassava are popular staple foods among the Igbo tribe.