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Category : Nigerian Foods

Nigerian foods are made from a massive supply of staple foods that are common to the Nigerian people.

Owing to the diversity in tastes and cravings among the numerous Nigerian ethnic groups, we have recently learned that over 1000 food recipes exist in Nigeria. Some of these foods are easy to make, the rest are however not easy.

Nigerian Food

The plate above contains a very popular Nigerian food – Boiled white rice and tomato stew. This is how it is served in a typical Yoruba home. Most ethnic groups don’t include eggs in their sauce, the Yorubas are the exception. :D

In this article and the links below, I will attempt to answer popular questions about foods generally.

Popular Nigerian Foods

There are different types of foods in Nigeria, they all require recipes to create. We will be giving you some of these recipes here and also show you some basic tips and tricks about Nigerian cooking.

Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is very popular in Nigeria, several recipes abound as you move from one ethnic group to another.

As you see below, this soup is usually paired with a Nigerian swallow and served as a course meal.

It could be pounded yam, fufu, eba, or even tuwo shinkafa, they are all swallows from Nigeria.

This is How to Make Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup Recipe

The picture above is egusi soup and fufu.

Other popular Nigerian foods or food combinations would include the following.

1. jollof rice

Made from rice, tomatoes, and various other ingredients.

2. Fried rice

Made from rice, vegetables, and various other ingredients. This is how fried rice looks.
Fried rice food

3. Porridge yam

Made from yam and some other simple ingredients. Porridge yam is a popular lunch idea in Nigeria.

4. Moi Moi

Moi moi and pap
Made from beans and also called beans pudding – Moi moi is combined with pap or custard and served as breakfast or dinner in Nigeria.

5. Akara (beans cake)

dinner in Nigeria
Made from beans and sold as roadside snacks. It can also be paired with other foods (like pap) and served as a course meal. The combination of akara and bread is a popular snack among Nigerians.

6. Eba and Soup

Garri (eba) and soup is a popular Nigerian food combination. Some quarters argue that this is actually the most popular foods in Nigeria.

What you see above are eba and nsala soup.

7. Plantain porridge

Plantain porridge
This food is made from unripe African plantain. The other ingredients include tomatoes, fish, goat meat

8. Tea and bread

breakfast in Nigeria
This is a popular breakfast combination.

There are popular Nigerian foods that are loved and can be given to any Nigerian.

There are other foods that are considered indigenous to certain ethnic groups (tribes) and reserved only for members of that ethnic group

We have Eba (garri) as popular Nigerian food, and it could be served with different soups – it is always served with soup.

Eba is in the category of swallows, others in the same category include pounded yam, semo, two shinkafa, etc.

Nigerian soups include Ogbono soup, Egusi soup, Oha soup, ewedu, gbegiri, miyan taushe, Miyan geda, etc.

The soup below is called atama, unlike egusi soup, this soup is reserved only for the Efiks.
Atama Nigerian foods

For more questions about foods are below, you can click on the link to read them.

I am studying about Nigerian food culture and beginning to learn about what Nigerians eat. I learned about the cultures of Nigeria but I hope you could help me understand more things about food customs.

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