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Category : Politics in Nigeria

Politics in Nigeria is in dire need of restructuring, Politic is in the building block of any economy, if it is not well policed, it could become a destructive force in any nation

Our politic in Nigeria has not been without it’s own challenges.

judging from what we saw in 2019, when these current sitting president and governors were elected, we can conclude that politic in Nigeria has deteriorated into a state of Odoriferous Jiggery-pokery (Pun intended).

Expecting a better society without strengthening the political structure will only leave the nation moving in a circus.

We get to it soon.

What is Nigeria political situation? Is it advisable for a sane-thinking Nigeria to get into politics. Do you think politics should be left for politicians - as they say it. I'd really like to hear your opinion

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Lucy 2 years 4 Answers 790 views 0