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Category : Yoruba Tribe

Yoruba tribe is one of the three most popular tribes or ethnic groups that exist in Nigeria. Statistics have it that there are more than 40 million Yoruba in Nigeria.

45 million, to be exact, in 2022.

While there are lots of Yoruba people in the United Kingdom, United States, and other African countries, a great number of Yoruba are domiciled in Nigeria.

Yoruba Tribe
Photo by unsplash (Adetola Akinsunlola)

History of Yoruba People

Historically, the Yoruba tribe was founded by Oduduwa in Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Archeological evidence proved the existence of the Yoruba in Ile ife as far back as the Fourth Century BC.

The Yoruba race has survived a jihad by Usman dan fodio, a fulani invasion, the Sokoto caliphate before being sandwiched into the federal republic of Nigeria around the actualization of the 1960 independence.

What Are Yoruba Foods

I have maintained that most tribes or ethnic groups in Nigeria depend on similar foods for survival, however, there are dissimilar recipes amongst the groups.

For instance, Yoruba Egusi soup is different from the Igbo version.

This is ewa Agoyin, it is a popular breakfast in Yoruba land. It is cooked black-eyed peas that are served with pepper sauce and bread.
Ewa agoyin

There are several foods that are unique to the Yoruba people.

Amala – A Yoruba swallow that is made from dried yams.

Obe Yoruba – Obe is soup in Yoruba land and there are lots of different Soups by the Yoruba

1. Efo riro

2. Ewedu Soup

3. Gbegiri

4. Efo Elewuro

There are numerous other soups and foods that are for the Yoruba ethnic group. More in Nigerian foods here

What is Yoruba Tribe Known For?

Besides being dominant in western Nigeria, Yoruba people are the most skilled craftsmen in Nigeria and Africa at large, making some of the most popular wood carvings you find in African museums.

They are popular for such crafts as wood carving, glassmaking, stone carving, weaving, and bead making.

In contemporary Nigeria, the Yoruba are perhaps the most educated set of Nigerians, who are largely engaged in pink, blue, and white-collar jobs.

Yoruba Tradition and Cultures

Traditionally, the Yoruba tribe or ethnic groups have an elaborate ranking of gods and spirits that are worshiped and celebrated at different festivals.

Oduduwa, who is considered both human and god, was the founder of the Yoruba people as well as the creator of the earth, according to Yoruba mythology.

Yoruba of the pre-colonial era never shared a single political unit. While they spoke a common language and shared similar cultures amongst the several clans, they remain politically distant.

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