What are hot business ideas in Nigeria


What do you consider hot business ideas in Nigeria? I am Laurita from Abia state Nigeria, I have some money and looking to invest in any business that will definitely guarantee a decent return. Can you give me ideas?

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    There are many businesses one can venture into in Nigeria which would yield great rewards or rather profits.
    Factors that would influence the returns would vary and might be influenced by a number of reasons ranging from the input, logistics, time factor.
    Below are few ventures I suggest

    1. Farming: Farming in Nigeria has seen drastic changes turning to better directions in recent years, creating jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs who dare to go into farming. Millionaires are currently been made yearly through farming in Nigeria and there is no end to the prospects of creating more wealth in the coming years.

    2. Real estate: investing in real estate might sounds far fetched and even “professional stuff” but there is endless possibilities to streams of income that can be generated from it and there is nothing stopping you from investigating in it.

    3. Rental income: generating rental income from houses and real estate can as well reap huge benefits.

    4. Telecommunications: Vending of airtime and data is a huge “becoming”.

    The rate of consumption of data in Nigeria is so large and won’t it be a shame if you miss out on such opportunity. With the enormous gratification of internet service data requiring there is no telling how much one can cash out. There is the social media_ twitter, facebook, Instagram, snap chat, telegram,  what’s app and all to log into music and videos to surf and data is needed why not give it a try.


    There are different hot business ideas in Nigeria that anybody can invest in. They are profit-making businesses. Some of them are quite easy to start and less demanding, you could start right away as a matter of fact. For others, you will need some funds as capital. I have listed four such businesses below.

    1. Agric business: This is currently one of the most trending businesses in Nigeria as of now. Examples are poultry, grasscutter farming, snail farming otherwise called helicuture.

    2. Fabrics marketing: With as low as twenty thousand naira, you can start this business. It involves selling clothing materials like plain and pattern material for men, Ankara for both sex and others.

    3. Mini importation: This comes last on this list but I could bet my dinner, it would definitely fetch you lots of money if you get serious with it. This involves the selling of products imported to our country. This can be done with little capital.

    4. Dropshipping: It is a trending business where you sell products to customers that you don’t own. All you need to do is the customers places their orders with you and the chosen supplier shipped their products directly to them.

    5. Information marketing: This involves the selling of relevant information online alongside storytelling. An example is content creation, CV writing and so on. The good news about a particular business is that you can do this right from the comfort of your home using your laptop.

    6. 3D animation video: This is another business you can leverage on. it means creating advertising video content for business owners.

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