What are impacts of Christianity in Nigeria


What are the impacts of Christianity in Nigeria, some Nigerians are of the opinion that we would have a better country without the church? What is your take on this?

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    impacts of christianity
    I don’t think there is any sane thinking Nigeria that will argue against the impacts of Christianity in Nigeria. While the church is cumbered about by so great a controversy, I think they have impacted the Nigerian nation positively in her few years of existence in Nigeria.

    1. National development.

    The church builds free schools, roads, hospitals, etc. All over the country, we find evidence of these everywhere we look. I live in Portharcourt, Nigeria where a popular church has to build more than 15 free schools for poor Nigerians.

    I also was privileged to know about road repairs done by another church. I know a church with more than 1000 students under their scholarship. Some of these find their way on social media but, as always, Nigerians don’t share anything good about the church.

    The Church provides Morale Support

    A country plagued by this level of injustice, abuse of public office, indiscipline, extra-judicial killing, impunity and all manner of vices demands sources of moral support for her citizens. The church is one of the reasons we haven’t had a second civil war.

    Spiritual guide for Her Members

    More than 90 million Nigerian belong to one church or another, there are thousands of denominations in Nigeria that are under CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria). The church believes in Jesus Christ as being the savior of the world.

    Evidence of the impact of Jesus on His followers abounds. I am of the opinion that every successful man must have a spiritual angle. The church is the crystal-clear and genuine source of spiritual powers. Every good Christian allows free flow of this power into their life, business, family, etc.

    This power brings about healing, transformations, deliverance, etc.

    The church has unarguable made great impact in Nigeria.

  1. Politics and religion are birds of different feathers that DO NOT and SHOULD NOT flock together.  In the Dark Ages and Pre-historic times, the Church wielded a certain authority and autonomy over the masses through their political leaders or rulers. As at that time, all leadership instructions came from the church and the political leaders were left with only two choices; either to bow to the authority of the church and be a lick-spittle zombie, or refute the Church and face public execution.  The Church had a field day with the masses in those days.

    Asides doctrinal enumerations, tax was paid to the Church through the government. The Church was rich and powerful. The Church was a god.

    In this day and age, an age of morbid awareness and technological and artificial intelligence spike, I do beg to differ ,somewhat strongly, that Nigeria as a country would be better off without the church.

    I see no reason why Nigerians would suggest this. This is because, as it stands now, as of this moment, the Church is independent of the people, of the masses, of politics. The Church is completely separate of the people.

    People have started learning to question certain, doctrines, aspirations and dogma perpetuated by Church faithfuls. The Church is now being asked to pay tithe to the government, and there are many denominations, instead of the all-time, Catholic Church. People are wizened by new knowledge and boldness.

    I do not think that the Church is Nigeria’s problem at the moment. Nigeria’s problem is irresponsible leadership, bad governance and a conglomerate of masses who are not united to achieve a common purpose .When we are ready to ditch corruption and do things the right way, we would grow. Let’s leave the Church out of our mouths.

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    Impacts of Christianity in Nigeria

    Christianity is the belief in a Supreme God. This Supreme Being has been called different names in Nigeria. Following the names from the three major ethnic groups, it is called ‘Chukwu Okike, or Chi’ in Igbo Language. The Hausa’s refer to Him as ‘Allah’ while in Yoruba language He is referred to as ‘Oluwa’

    Christianity came to Nigeria in the 15th century through Augustinian and Capuchin monks from Portugal. The first mission of the Church of England was, though, only established in 1842 in Badagry by Henry Townsend. I would not want to dwell on how Christianity came into the country of Nigeria.

    The big question here is – the impact of this CHRISTIANITY positive or negative? From subsequent articles from learned Nigerians, most of them have a negative view about the emergence of Christianity.

    Their views were based on the fact that the white-men came into the country to introduce their White-God to us, telling us everything about our own god is evil.

    In this view, I must say that the positive impacts of Christianity supersedes the negative aspects of it.

    Positive Impacts of Christianity is written below;
    Christianity played a strategic role in eradicating such diabolic practices as;
    * Human sacrifice
    * Slavery
    * Infanticide
    * Polygamy and so many more.

    Aside from the enormous impact of Christianity, there are negative impacts on it.
    For instance, when the early Christians came into Nigeria, they told us that everything about our own god and culture is bad or evil.

    Nigerians started denouncing their traditional religious beliefs, culture due to the teachings they got from the early Christians.

    * Again, following the religious teachings, women were treated like second-hand citizens.

    * Children growing up to hate and fear science and scientists, because science disproves their parents’ religion – leading to appalling scientific illiteracy.

    * People dying – and letting their children die – because their religion forbids accepting medical help.

    * Psychological and physiological conditions blamed on demons, preventing believers from seeking medical care for themselves and their children.

    Conclusion: Christianity has a long way to go in shaping the country Nigeria the moment we learned what a PROPER CHRISTIANITY is.

    Proper Christianity in actual sense promotes love and kindness as a code of morality for mankind; which has a positive effect on promoting peace among society. The moment we get these right, we can say audaciously that Christianity is impacting Nigerians positively

    In developed nations of the world, things are moving well because they abide by this Golden Rule of conduct.

    If Nigerians should also wake up to embrace the Good teachings and stop being the ‘hearers of the word only but the doers,’ Nigeria will become a Heaven for us all. And the positive impacts of Christianity will be seen in all ramifications.

  2. Dsanch

    The coming of the colonial masters brought about Christianity to Nigeria.

    No doubt Christianity has impacted us so much both in our lives and the country at large.

    Christianity Comparatively, followers of Jesus Christ (Christians) seem to live a better and happier life than any other religious group in the world.

    Christianity is also the world’s most popular religion, it wouldn’t be so popular if it is not impacting the Nigerians and the world positively.

    Educationally,Christianity helped eradicate illiteracy because they brought about the Formal Western Education in Nigeria and this was done because the missionaries figured the new converts need to read and understand the Bible on their own and today Western Formal Education is the best form of practice in our educational system.

    Possibly, without Christianity, we would all be hunters and fishermen.

    Socio-politicaly,Christianity impacted both Negatively and positively.

    It did not just focus on evangelization but it gave an approach to human activity which included commerce, Christianity and civilization. A major point was the eradication of slavery in Nigeria.

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