What do Nigerian people eat for breakfast?


So What do Nigerian people eat for breakfast? I am new to Nigerian cooking and wondering what to make for breakfast in a typical Nigerian home.

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  1. Eva

    I think in most Nigeria home they prefer taking tea and bread or pap for breakfast


    Lol this sounds funny, well there is no general breakfast menu design from aso rock to Nigerians, it strictly depends on individuals, family, groups (e.g) school hostel. Among the many kinds of food we have like rice, beans, soup, oat, tea and pap are some of the foods Nigerian people eat for breakfast. One can decide what he or she desires for breakfast. In a family of ten there can be different food cravings for the ten individuals. For me to swallow garri as breakfast is a no go area but it may not be so for another. Generally, anything light

  3. Flint

    Actually breakfast in Nigeria depends on your ethnicity and also the type of work you do but generally some Nigerians prefer to take light breakfast such as tea and bread but our own traditional tea and bread here in Nigeria is Akara that’s (beans cake) and pap some other people who do heavier jobs likes to take heavy breakfast such as African cassava floor the one we call Garri with soup or some prefer rice and also your means of income or your finances might determine the type of breakfast you can take. Generally, What the average Nigerian eat for dinner is either a combination of tea and bread or pap and akara (beans cake)

  4. Winnie

    What we would consider as breakfast in Nigeria is bread and tea although people get to eat other food for breakfast like jollof rice, a combination of Pap and fried plantain, Akara and bread, Fried eggs and bread, etc. Breakfast is always a combination of light foods.

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    Here are some of the foods that Nigerian people eat for breakfast.

    Pap, bean cake, noodles, Tea and bread, moi moi etc.

    Nigerians eat for breakfast

    There are lots of foods that could be considered for breakfast in Nigeria. However, most of the popular breakfast recipe are reserved for folks with money and time.

    The average Nigerian eats whatever he find in the kitchen.

    Usually it is dinner leftovers like jollof rice, yam or even eba.

    When there are no leftovers from the previous day, we go for easy-to-make foods a like tea and bread or noodles.

    The kind of foods Nigerian people eat for breakfast include:

    Tea and Bread.

    Pap and Fried Ripe plantain/eggs.

    Jollof Rice

    Pap and Akara (Beans cake)

    Pap and Akara/bread (My favorite)

    Quaker oat and Akara

    Noodles (for kids)

    Spaghetti Jollof

    Porridge beans and Pap

    Note that pap is always served with milk and honey, sugar is another substitute  for honey.

    These are some of the what Nigerian people eat for breakfast.

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  5. Williamspro

    As a kid i grow up eating bread, tea and fried egg for breakfast and that was heaven on earth then later it became fried yam and egg.

    I think breakfast should be simple and easy to make, anything that falls in the “easy to make” category should be perfect for breakfast.

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