What is Eba (Garri) Made of?


What is Eba (Garri) Made of? I am just learning to eat some of the popular Nigerian foods that I find the recipes on the web. I purchased some garri (eba) from an African shop nearby but just wondering what it is actually made of. Some say garri is made of cassava other say it can be made from yam, which one is it?

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  1. Eva

    Eba is made from cassava…cassava is passed through many process to get EBA…it is made when cassava is grated, dried and fried(in an oven with hot fire)…when its fried it turns to garri and from garri you make it to EBA i.e missing hot water with d proceed cassava(garri)….so i strongly believe EBA is gotten from cassava

  2. Flint

    Garri, eba or loliloli as u may choose to call it is made from cassava. Here, cassava is harvested, pilled , washed and grounded and left to ferment for three to four days after which it’s fried mixed with palm oil. It is a meal for every one but the processing is only for the hardworking cause it’s quite tedious


    Eba(garri) is made from cassava. Cassava is a plant grown in Nigeria. With the help of machines, it is processed to a powdery form. It is mostly eaten by indigenes occupying the South – south region of Nigeria. Although indigenes of south eastern Nigeria eat eba, but traditionally it’s not their native food. South eastern Nigerians eat pounded yam rather than eba.

  3. Winnie

    Garri is made from cassava.The cassava is a special plant that grow tubers beneath the soil, it takes 5 months or more for it to be harvested. Then there are lots of processes that follow from peeling to grinding, drying, frying…the end product is usually garri as Nigerian’s fondly call it. When Garri is mixed with hot water what you get is eba. Eba is in the category of swallows. There are other swallows like pounded yam, semo, wheat etc. All swallows are served with soups in Nigeria.


    Eba (garri) is a proceed  from cassava. Cassava is a food plant grown in Nigeria. It is planted and grown for a minimum of one year, harvested thereafter, peeled, washed, grated and allowed  to dry its water for  two or three days. It is later fried and ready for consumption as Eba (garri).


    Eba is made from cassava. Eba is actually a name for prepared garri. The picture below is garri.

    What is eba

    I will not be going into the gory tale of how cassava is planted, the processes, the maturation period and the process involved in harvesting cassava.

    But once cassava is harvested, it could be turned into starch, fufu or garri. Of course there are other things it could be made into but we will dwell on “swallows” for now.

    If you intend making eba from cassava you should start by peeling the cassava.

    Next, you wash and grind it. Then you transfer it into a bag to squeeze out excess fluid.

    It is then fried and allowed to cool.

    Cassava is what you make eba (garri) from.

    Once you have garri, you can now make eba.

    The process is simple, you boil hot water and add garri to it.
    Eba made of
    Finally, Eba can be served with anyone of the popular Nigerian soups. The image below is that of eba and banga soup. Banga soups is very popular in Niger Delta, Nigeria.
    Eba and soup

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  5. Williamspro

    Eba is made from garri, which takes a very simple process. Could be made in just 2 minutes.

    Garri is made from cassava. Cassava is a tuber crop that has its life cycle pegged between 9 and 24 months, depending on the specie and the environmental conditions.

    To obtain garri, cassava tubers are peeled, washed and grated or crushed to produce a mash. The mash could be mixed with palm oil (oil garri) before being placed in a porous bag. It is then placed in an adjustable press machine for 1–3 hours to remove excess starchy water. Locally, we just drop heavy object on top of the bag.

    When the mashed cassava has become dry enough, it is ready for the next step – sieving and frying.

    It is then sieved and fried in a large clay frying pot, what you get after frying is called garri. It may be pounded or ground to make a fine flour.

    Turning garri into eba is the easiest part. Boil water to about 90 degree celcious, pour into a bowl, sprinkle the garri into the boiled water until it is a solid mass. Turn and share.

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