What is ‘how are you’ in yoruba


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Just wondering if you would be kind enough to teach me basic Yoruba languages, like what is “How are you’ in Yoruba? I am friends with a couple of Yoruba people and I want to be able to say something in their language to them.

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    “How are you?” is a question often asked amongst people(s) of different nationalities,  and it is often the first question asked after a regular salutation such as “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” or “Good evening”. Permit me to say, that “How are you?” is nearly a necessary evil after a regular salutation.

    “How are you?” in Yoruba is often translated as, “Bawo ni o se wa?” It is asked after the regular “E Karo” morning greeting in Yoruba land.

    “Bawo ni o se wa?” is usually shortened to just, “Bawo ni?” for the purpose of convenience.

    You can learn more about Yoruba language and other major Nigerian languages

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