What is Nigeria’s most popular food?


Also, my second question is – What is Nigeria’s most popular food? I am beginning to learn about Nigerian foods but just wondering about the food you consider to be most popular in Nigeria.

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    Jollof Rice
    Jollof rice is unarguably considered as Nigeria’s most popular food. Second, on the list would be egusi soup and eba. Eba is made from cassava and is usually combined with soup to serve.

    While there are thousands of foods existing in Nigeria, quite a few of them are considered popular across the African continent.

    If you are a Nigerian or friends with a Nigerian you will know about these foods first hand as they are loved by almost every Nigerian.

    Another reason they became popular was that they can be easily prepared by an average Nigerian.

    The most popular food in Nigeria is jollof rice and a great percentage of the Nigerian population know how to make a sumptuous meal of jollof rice.

    There are other foods that are considered popular in Nigeria too.

    1 Eba (served with soup)

    Beans (Different recipes)

  1. Limbro

    Rice is the most popular food eaten in Nigeria. Rice is not only a daily meal that can be taken anywhere and anytime, it is also a ceremonial food; it is  commonly featured at parties and ceremonies, including birthdays, marriages, naming ceremonies, and burial rites.

    So many different recipes exist for rice in Nigeria and here are just a few of them.

    Jollof rice,

    White rice,

    Fried rice,

    Banga rice,

    Coconut rice.

    Some of this rice meals can be purchased from a regular Nigerian restaurants, you can also learn how to make them and prepare it in your own kitchen.

    Rice is packed in sacks of different sizes which include 50kgs, 25kgs, 10kgs, and even 5kgs. The good thing is that any body can buy rice in Nigeria.


    To so many people, Rice might be the most popular food in Nigeria, but I have a somewhat contradictory opinion. Rice is well known, but not a traditional food in Nigeria. Almost all cultures in Nigeria eat Eba/garri served with soup. This is the most popular food in Nigeria. There’s a popular saying in Nigeria “Garri no dey advertise, but e dey sell”.

    The demand for garri is very high. Its eaten by all class of people, and its always satisfying. Eba served with soup is the most popular food in Nigeria.

    Also, garri (eba) is cheaper than rice. A cup goes for about 50 naira while a cup of rice sales way over 100 naira at major grocery stores.

  2. Eva

    I think EBA and soup is the popular food in Nigeria…

    Because it is eaten in all parts of Nigeria and its eaten by everybody…the poor rich and average… Even men, women and children.

    Its jst that some people prefer rice which is the second popular food to EBA…but rice is more expensive and many homes in Nigeria feel rice should be eaten during occatons….so to me EBA and soup is the most popular food in Nigeria


  3. Flint

    The most popular food in Nigeria is Rice.

    Rice is a type of food under the class of carbohydrate. It can be cooked and served in various  forms and ways. Rice is the food for the rich, poor, mid class, high class, low class, igbos, yorubas, hausas and everyone.

    Rice is grown in different parts of Nigeria and also it’s imported because we are not sufficient enough in our production. Rice is easy to cook , easy to serve and always delicious when cooked well. It can be eaten with beans, chicken, moi moi ,etc. Rice is the most popular food in Nigeria because it is easy to cook, serve and eat anywhere u find urself, be it in public or private.

    Having said that, it is important to not also that Food is a unique part of the Nigerian culture and you know, we have diversities of cultures in Nigeria. Even so, we have diversities of food choices.

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