What is the best food for dinner in Nigeria?


What is the best food for dinner in Nigeria? I am always stuck when it comes to dinner, other meals of the day happens easily but I am yet to wrap my mind around this one.

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  1. Eva

    Dinner in Nigeria depends on the individual, it is usually based on preference and of course, resource available.

    Some prefer light dinner others prefer heavy dinner…examples of light dinners are fruits, tea, juice, vegetables etc.

    While some go heavy with foods like porridge beans, porridge yam, jollof rice, EBA and soup, etc. I noticed those that are not finally buoyant eat anything they can afford especially EBA and any soup. Eba is a popular Nigerian food that is usually served with any available soup.

    So  there is really no special food for dinner in Nigeria.

  2. Flint

    Nigerians are known for their wonderful food menu which is second-to-none all over the world. There are over 50 dishes and recipe found in Nigeria

    food as you know is one of Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

    While most people will disagree with me, I still believe that the best food for dinner in Nigeria is Garri (Eba) with any soup of your choice

  3. Flint

    Nigeria is a home to so many dishes and recipes and eating good food is one of our cultural heritage.

    Why most people will disagree with me I think the best food for dinner in Nigeria is Garri (eba) and soup. This is because most Nigerians are engaged with hard labor during the day hours.

    So it is only natural that they require heavy foods in order to replenish lost energy and also Nigerians have a bad habit of not taking breakfast.

    So they eat heavy at night which will carry them to a greater part of the next day.

    Most Nigerians don’t care about those doctors recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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    The best food for dinner in Nigeria is dependent on individual preference, class and educational background.

    The average Nigeria considers foods like eba and soup, rice and stew as dinner in Nigeria.

    Eba and soup

    Eba and egusi soup

    Eba and soup is one of the popular dinner combinations in Nigeria. Over 50 percent of Nigerian home eat a combination of eba and anyone of the Nigerian soups at least thrice in a week. There are lots of different soups in Nigeria and varying recipes by different Nigerian ethnic group.

    Rice and Stew

    Rice and stew

    White rice is served with  anyone of the many stew recipes that exist in Nigeria. This is a popular dinner idea in Nigeria, boiled white rice is combined with Nigerian tomato stew.

    Jollof Rice
    Jollof rice

    Jollof rice is another popular dinner idea in Nigeria, it is also unarguably the most popular food in Nigeria. Almost every Nigerian would eat a plate of jollof rice. There are different recipes of jollof rice that exist in Nigeria. it is also the most common food in Nigeria

    Fried Rice
    Fried rice
    Fried rice is never missing in any Nigeria restaurant. It is one of the most popular Nigerian rice recipe, it is only second to jollof rice.

    However, the foods above are considered heavy by certain class of people in our society. Those that are on diets and folks that have decided to follow doctors prescription.

    The rule is that you are supposed to eat only light foods once its past 7:pm.

    Hence, they stick to light foods like coffee and sandwich or bread and tea.

    They are also big on vegetables and fruit.

    What I consider the best food for dinner in Nigeria is obviously going to be slightly different from others would like to eat. it all depends on our choices and class.

    Best answer

    In my home, we eat anything for dinner. There is no food specially designated “dinner”. I am Igbo and while growing up in my parents house, it was always eba 80% of the time.

    On rare occasions we had rice.

    But that was several year back.

    Now I make anything for dinner and my kids are ok with whatever I offer them, anytime, anyday. Lol

    So the best food for dinner is really “whatever you feel like eating”. Although for me, it is limited to light foods. Heavy foods like eba and pounded yam should be served in small portions.

    I still think majority of Nigerians consider eba and soup as the main food for dinner.

    If I really have to chose a best food for dinner it would be a combination of pap, beans and fried ripe plantain.


    Well this question depends on two things.

    1. The kind of food

    2. Your financial muscle.

    You can eat a lot of food either heavy or light but the quality depends on your financial strength.
    Myriads of Nigerian foods would easily pass for dinner.

    I would advise you to stick to something not to heavy and costly but nutritious.

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