What is the biggest church in Nigeria?


What is the biggest church in Nigeria? often I hear different news about churches in Nigeria and how they have the biggest churches in the world, is this really true? I know qiute a few of the churches in Nigeria like

Living Faith Church

Redeemed Christian Church of God


Depper life etc.

But which of them is really the biggest?

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  1. Eva

    I think the biggest church in Nigeria is THE REDEEM CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD…it has members of more than 2million, its has many branches allover the world and in Nigeria her branches are more than others….and it has the biggest auditorium that can accommodate its members


    The biggest church in Nigeria is the Redeemed Christian church of God, that much I know.
    it is top in terms of land mass acquisition and number of congregants. It is also the best place to be on a wonderful Sunday morning.

  3. Flint

    The biggest church currently in Nigeria in terms of church building is Dunamis international church, but in terms of members per sitting in a single Sunday worship is synagogue church of all nations


    Biggest Church in Nigeria

    The biggest church in Nigeria in term of members is probably the Redeemed Christian Church of God. It also double as the church with the largest worship tenth. The 3×3 kilometer auditorium is reputed to sit up to 3 million person.

    However, Tents don’t count in most cases since they are not a completely enclosed building.

    The biggest church in Nigeria in terms of enclosed building is listed as follows.

    1) Salvation Ministries’ Hand of God – With 120,000 sitting capacity (still in Construction)
    2) Dunamis Church’s Glory Dome – With 100,000 Sitting Capacity (Already dedicated)
    3) Living Faith’s Faith Tabanacle – with 50,000 sitting capacity. (Already dedicated)

    Best answer

    The biggest church in Nigeria is the Catholic church. Almost everyone in south Eastern Nigeria is a Catholic. Catholic members are all over Nigeria. This is why most attacks made by some terrorist target the Catholic church for their unspeakable deeds.
    The Catholic church has survived for so many years and still is the most over populated church in Nigeria. They rarely put up TV shows or announce events on TV.


  4. Williamspro

    Redeemed Christian church of God is the biggest church in Nigeria, one in every thirty Nigerian attends redeemed Christian church of God. They have at least 10 million member in Nigeria.

  5. Oz

    The biggest church in Nigeria in terms of population (number of members) is the Catholic Church. About half of the total number of Christians are Catholics, 95% of South Easterners are Catholics.

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