What is the most common food in Nigeria?


What is the most common food in Nigeria? Like what kind of food is very common in Nigeria, the kind of food that every Nigerian will most likely want to eat. I am friends with a Nigerian and hoping to take him out for the weekend. I just spotted a Nearby Nigerian restaurant but just wondering what to order for myself.

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    The most common food in Nigeria is Jollof rice, both the poor and the rich could make jollof rice using varrying recipes. Almost any body would eat a plate of jollof rice anyday anytime. Also, you could make jollof rice in less than one hour and the ingredients used are readily available in any part of the world.


    It is actually hard to point to a particular foods as being most common in Nigeria since different tribes and ethnic groups have different foods that are common to them. Where I come from, we eat eba more often and almost everybody could afford eba and soup. Common foods in Nigeria include: Eba and soup, jollof rice, rice and tomato stew etc.

  1. Eva

    The most common food in Nigeria is rice…I can’t specify the type of rice…it all depend on how d individual wants to prepare it, since there are varying recipes across different Nigerian ethnic groups. What is common in northern Nigeria is not common in The east. But basically, every body makes food out of rice. Below are some of the food that could be made from rice.

    Tuwo shinkafa

    Jollof rice

    Banga rice

    White rice (Served with stew)


    I think the most common food generally accepted by Nigerians is probably jollof rice. Rice is a major staple food in Nigeria, hence there are variety of recipes that could be created from rice alone. it is actually the most common food in Nigeria

  3. Flint

    The most staple and common food is rice per say….but each geopolitical zone or ethnic group has its own unique food

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    common food in Nigeria

    The most common staple food in Nigeria is rice of course.

    There are varying species of rice that are produced in Nigeria, the rich as well as the poor can afford to buy rice. Since there are different species that are sold at different prices. There are cheap rice and more expensive species like the basmati rice.

    The rich can go for basmatti rice while and average Nigeria would stick to the national brands.

    Either way, anyone can afford rice – making it the most common staple food in Nigeria.

    The most common food in Nigeria is also made from rice – Jollof rice.

    Jollof rice is the national dishes of Nigerian and can be made in different ways. Statistic show that an average Nigerian home cooks rice at least 4 times in a week. That is twice the number of time eba is served.

    Eba (Garri) which is served with choice of Nigerian soup is the second most common food in Nigeria. Eba is made from cassava – another popular staple food in Nigeria.

    The third most common food would be beans, which is followed closely by yam and plantain.

    In my opinion, any food termed “most common” must be easy to make and affordable for both the rich and the average Nigerian.

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    1. The most common food in Nigeria is rice, there are different ways in preparing this food..Nigerians love jollof rice because of its unique taste
  4. Marufah

    The most common food in Nigeria is unarguably Rice. An average Nigerian home eats rice at least 5 times in a week. Rice can be made in different ways: Plain white rice, Jollof rice, Fried rice, Rice and beans e.t.c. In fact, Nigerian Jollof and Fried rice tops the menu list in Nigerian parties.

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