What is the religion of Igbo tribe?


What is the religion of Igbo tribe? Argument exist that the Igbos are either Christians or Jewish, How true is this? Are from Igbo and what is your religion

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    The Igbo tribe is made up of about 89% registered Christians, 5% traditional worshipers. The remaining 6% are a combination of Muslims, atheists, Judaism. There are more than a hundred religions in the world and I am certain that all of them are represented in Igboland.

    However, these other religions are in the 1st percentile.

    The Igbos are one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria, They occupy the southern/eastern part of Nigeria and over 89 percent of Igbos are Registered Christian in different denominations. 2020 statistics have shown that over 60% of Igbo Christians are pentecostal Christians.

    Before the sporadic spread of the Christian religion in Igbo land, the traditional religion was for several years, the mainstay religion in Igboland. This Igbo traditional religion was characterized by all manner of archaic activities like the worship of animals, human sacrifice, worship of ancestors and many others.

    This is the major reason it was easily replaced by the Christian Religion.

    The Christian religion came with the massage of Jesus Christ, Jesus was portrayed as a savior, a healer and a loving God who wanted greatness and civilization for mankind. The people were quick to dismiss the traditional religions.

    I can authoritatively say that Christianity is the religion of the Igbo people.

  1. Eva

    The Igbo’s are predominantly Christians, there is a smaller percentage that are still in the traditional religion… I think in the history of modern Igbos majority are Catholics and protestants.

    As far back as 1950, way before Nigeria’s independence and the advent of the church as we know it today, Most Igbos where idol worshipers (traditional religion).

    In today’s contemporary society, an average Igbo man is a Christian. So you can categorically say that the religion of the Igbo tribe is Christianity.

    Christianity is the umbrella body covering both the Catholic and protestants.

  2. Flint

    The Igbo tribe which is one of the numerous tribes found in Nigeria where traditionalist before the coming of Christianity. Upon the advent of Christianity, the religion swept through the greater part of Eastern Nigeria were the igbos reside who embraced the religion because of the knowledge (education) it came with. They were eager to acquire the Western knowledge which Christianity came with that they had to abandoned the gods to pursue a greater Good who is all knowing.

    Therefore , the religion of the Igbo tribe (people) is generally Christianity.

    A couple of other religions are practiced here and there.

    But ultimately, the average Igbo man remains a christian any day. We have different denominations like the catholic, the Methodist and the the Pentecostals, they are however under one umbrella body.

  3. igbo kwenu!!!. A tribe that cuts across the lands of Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, abia and some parts of delta. Chai. 

    Igbo people are predominantly Christians that is about 90% and some very small group that are known traditionalists, few Muslims possibly for the money and power gains. lol.

    There are three major religious bodies in Nigeria which are the Christian religion, Islamic religion, and the traditional religion. Christianity it the religion of the Igbo tribe.

    About half of the Yoruba tribe are also recognized as Christian while the remaining half are either Muslims or in the traditional religion.

    Over 80% of Hausas are core Muslims.

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    One can authoritatively peg Christianity as the religion of the Igbo tribe since more than 80% of Igbos are registered Christians.

    Christianity is an umbrella body for every Believer in Jesus Christ, I am talking about the Catholics, protestants, Anglicans, and the likes of it.

    The three major denominations in Igboland are Catholics, Anglicans, and Protestants (Pentecostals). Over 70% of Igbos belong to either the Anglican or Pentecostals churches like RCCG, Assemblies of God, Living faith church, Salvation Ministries and the likes.

    Traditionally, the Igbos believe in Chukwu Abiama, the God of Heaven and Earth, the missionaries thought us about the God of heaven and established the first churches that existed in Nigeria.

    Before this time, the Igbos were predominantly idle worshipers, they had different gods but the church system abolished idle worship and has since expanded Christianity to every part of Igboland.

  4. Codedboi

    The religion of the Igbos is Omenala or Odinala this can loosely be translated as it is done in the land, Omenala is an ancient traditional believes of the Igbos passed down from generations.

    Although this is rarely practiced in Igbo land today as the majority of Igbos have taken to Christianity and most of which are predominantly Catholics. The Odinala in simple terms is known as nature worship.

    It is a cultural heritage of the Igbos, which has been and will continue to be. The Odinala is not a religion per se, it is a way of life for the Igbos. Odinala Igbo is not pagan worship and has nothing to do with idol worshiping as many people have probably argued.


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