What is traditional marriage in Nigeria?


What is traditional marriage in Nigeria? How is this performed and why is it important. Can I do court marriage after traditional marriage?

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  1. Eva

    Traditional marriage in Nigeria is different based on the tribes but some tribes have similar ways of carrying out traditional marriage rites

    First the girl will be called before both families and asked if the man in question is her choice and the question will be asked three times that is called introduction after which a list will be given to the husband to be.

    The list comprises of yam, goat, rice,salt, local gin, palmwine, kolanuts,bitterkola, etc… things the man is supposed to provide before the traditional marriage day.

    After providing the the content of the list a date will now be fixed for the traditional marriage which involve several rites and customary practices. After which you can go ahead to do church or court wedding….

    To your second Question, Yes court wedding can be  done after the traditional marriage… But that only depends on the individual because some families don’t usually allow it.

  2. Oz
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    Traditional marriage in Nigeria varies according to tribes. I’ll be talking about the processes of traditional marriage in Igboland.

    Taditional marriage

    It basically involves sets of rites and customs that must be carried out before a woman is joined to a man in marriage.

    It can only take place after some traditional rites have been observed. For example during the introduction of both families, a list of items is given to the groom’s family which must be provided alongside the bride price.

    After these rites, the traditional wedding which would involve both the bride and the groom’s families, kinsmen, and well-wishers would take place.

    While there are other stages of marriage in Nigeria like the church wedding, court wedding, etc. In my opinion, I believe the traditional marriage is the ultimate and most important.

    Traditional marriage is also called customary marriage since it is only recognized in the customary court.

    Since we have several ethnic groups in Nigeria, it is expected that you will encounter several methods of traditional marriage as you move across the nation.

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  3. Flint
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    In Nigeria, a couple is not honored accept they go through the proper stages of marriage.

    Marriage is one unique part of our culture that must never be taken for granted. Traditional marriage is the way people are joined together as husband and wife by performing our cultural rites and customs.

    Here people get married by performing the necessary rites demanded by their culture. These rights are peculiar in various ethnic groups.

    The Fulani tribe have the rite of flogging the groom to prove he is man enough,

    The Yorubas have the culture of providing certain sacred items while the Igbos have the culture of the bride carrying a palm wine to look for her suitor.

    Although traditional marriage in Nigeria defer from place to place but the all share certain similarities like the payment of the bride price.

    The payment of bride price is an integral part of traditional marriage in Nigeria, No marriage is considered valid in Nigeria if the bride price is not yet paid.

    over 80% of married couples in Nigerian went through 2-3 marriage stages.

    For most Christians, it is traditional marriage before a church wedding, the order must never be violated. Even a Church would always consult with family of couple before conducting church weddings.

  4. Kabeerah

    Traditional marriage in Nigeria is the type of marriage that is done according to the custom and tradition of a particular tribe in Nigeria, it is usually done with little or no interference from the church.

    For every intending couple, traditional marriage is vital even though religion has taken over traditional marriage is considered the basic without which there will be no union.

    Though varies it usually involves the family of the man going with him to the family of the woman he intends to marry, a wedding list is is given to the  man’s family, the list also varies depending on tribe but it usually contains yam, palm oil, palm wine, cloth and most importantly the bride price.

    Once the groom’s family is can afford the content of the list, marriage ensues, otherwise they have right to negotiate the terms and content of the list.

  5. Alexis

    Traditional Marriage also called customary marriage is that wedding ceremony that is conducted in accordance with the customs of the bride and groom’s families.

    Traditional Marriages are usually done in a small way, usually with close families and friends.

    It is customary that traditional marriages in Nigeria are done before the white/church or court wedding as culture demands.

    In different parts of Nigeria, traditional marriages mostly involve:

    – Introduction of the groom to the families of the bride.

    – Requirements for both families are spelt out as regards the marriage.

    – Paying the bride price by the groom usually in a monetary form or making available the items written down in the marriage list.

    – Prayers and Handing over of the bride to the groom’s family.

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