Which is the largest tribe in Nigeria?


My second question is still on the same topic – Which is the largest tribe in Nigeria? What part of Nigeria do they reside? the North, East, West or South?

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  1. Eva

    The Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. They are the the three biggest tribes in Nigeria…. They have their tribes occupying many States in Nigeria.
    Statistically, we have it on record that Hausa is the largest tribe in Nigeria, However, If have have traveled round Nigeria, You would think the Igbos are the largest.

  2. Williamspro

    The Hausa are the largest tribe in Nigeria, they reside in the north. However, they hardly travel out of the northern part of Nigeria. Unlike the other ethnic groups.

    Nigeria is a multicultural, multi tribal entity, the constitution allows any Nigerian to live in any part of the country.

  3. Flint

    Nigeria is made up of over 250 tribes or ethnic groups. But there are three major tribes in Nigeria, they are the Igbos, the Hausas and Yorubas. Among these three major tribes the largest tribe in Nigeria is the Hausas.

    They occupy over 65% of the landscape of Nigeria . Out of the six geo-political zones they have 3 for themselves which are the north-east the north west and the North Central.

    Among the 36 States found in the country the occupy over 15 of the States . the Hausas are known for their nomadic lifestyle and they are often seen in most parts of the countries with their cattle on foot. among the hausas in Nigeria there is also the fulani which are usually cattle farmers or herdsmen.

    The Hausas are the largest tribe in Nigeria because  of the large landscape they occupy and also their ever-increasing population as a result of their cultural practices such as child marriage and polygamy etc.


    In my own opinion  I consider igbo as the largest tribe in Nigeria. It is difficult to visit any nation without finding an igbo man or woman there.

  5. Oz
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    The largest tribe in Nigeria and also the largest ethnic group in Africa is presumably the The Hausa people living in the Northern part of Nigeria.

    This statistic have been known to dangle overtime, it can even be manipulated for political reasons. There is no accurate method yet invented for checking this facts.

    Hausa tribe is a diverse but culturally related people based primarily in the sparse savanna areas of northern Nigeria and numbering over 50 million people.

    With also a significant native populations in the the Sahelian area of the Niger republic as well as Ghana, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo and a few other west-African countries.

    The second largest tribe in Nigeria would be the Igbo tribe… with an appreciable number of people living in eastern Nigeria. The Igbos are vast in business and well-traveled, archaeological evidence dating as far back as 900 AD informs the fact that they are one of the oldest ethnic group in Nigeria. They are also presumably the Richest tribe in Nigeria

    Another major tribe in Nigeria would be the Yoruba tribe in western Nigeria. Known for their unquenchable taste for knowledge and peaceful cohabitation, a feat not quite common among African decent.

    Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba are three of the most popular tribes in Africa and also double as the largest tribes in Nigeria. There are other tribes however, The likes of Fulani, Efik, Urhobo, Ikwerre, Ijaw, Nupe, Tiv etc.

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