Which is the most dangerous State in Nigeria?


Which is the most dangerous state in Nigeria, I learned some northern state are currently declared “hot zones” because of insecurity and insurgency, which in your opinion is the most dangerous state to avoid in Nigeria.

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  1. Flint

    Nigeria is a nation that is made up of about 36 States. These States makes their own contributions to the national coffers, each one also have their problems and challenges.

    Among these States, the most dangerous state in Nigeria is clearly Borno state because of the presence of boko haram.

    Borno is a state in the north Eastern Nigeria. It is made up of mostly Hausa speaking tribes and they are predominantly Muslims. Borno has known no peace since the invasion of one of the most deadliest terrorist group in the world, the Book Haram.

    In the last few years, Borno has witnessed incessant bombings, killings , kidnapping, rape and murder. This have left the state economical bed ridden, mass exodus of citizens, infrastructure decayed and countless number of people being bereft and rendered motionless.

    Currently, no one can participate in the annual National Youth Service Corp in the state because of the danger it posses. Life’s have been lost ,properties destroyed, military might shorten in the cause of winning this war against terrorism.

    Borno state remains the most dangerous state in Nigeria.

    When ever you are in Nigeria, and wishes to visit Borno state to enjoy it’s vast agricultural blessings, be sure to do that with care…

  2. Alexis

    According to the recent ranking, Borno state sits at the top of the charts for the most dangerous state in Nigeria. 
    Borno state formed out of now yobe state on the 3rd of Feb. 1976. Nicknamed Home of Peace and is home predominantly to the Kanuris’, Lamang, Babur/Bura and Marghis.
    With recent activities of kidnapping, insurgents and various killings on the borno communities which started in 2009 when the jihadist group Boko Haram started an armed rebellion against the government.
    These acts of violence has resulted in a loss of not less than 10,849 lives in 2014.
    These activities are said to have emerged from the religious conflict in Nigeria.

  3. Borno state which is found in the north eastern part of Nigeria created out of yobe in 1976. Is currently ranked as the most dangerous state in Nigeria.

    With a population of 4.1 million according to the 2006 population census and a fast rising birth rate the population rose in high leaps and bounds.

    This population over time resulted in what is referred to as high increase in the almajiri Islamic system of education. The non-catering of these children resulted then in the exposure of some people especially politicians using them as thugs.

    Especially in the years of alimodu sheriff. These sets of people after been disposed off became a thorn in the flesh which resulted later in the arrest of their leader Yusuf and subsequently his death in the coffers of the police.

    This caused retaliation from his followers and they began the Boko Haram sect which firstly came as contonation for religious and fight against western education. 

    They spread their tentacles to some states in the north east and laid mayhem killing scores through bombing, set out mobbing of villages and suicide bombers in motor parks, but borno was their headquarters. They took over all most all local government in borno and declared it as their caliphate.

    Currently it’s said that over 35000 people have lost their lives and about 3 million displaced in different internal displaced camps with 70 percent of these victims from borno. Boko Haram and it’s factional sect Islamic west Africa province have continued to lay mayhem in borno regardless of the activities of the armed forces. We will definitely think twice before trying to visit borno state since it has remained the most dangerous state in Nigeria.


    I don’t consider any state as dangerous per se, the shocking truth is that Nigerians exist in every Nigerian state. Even in Borno state, the den of the insurgency. Nigerian still live and move about in these states.
    I am from eastern Nigerian but have been opportune to live in different parts of the country.

    Every part of the country have certain rule and regulations that are unique to them.

    There are northern states in Nigeria where sharia law is being practiced. Now you are not supposed to move about carelessly in the night.

    There are other states given to petty robbery, you are not supposed to live your doors unlocked.

    In my opinion, I still consider Nigeria as one of the safest countries to live in the world. There are popular countries that I would never stay for more than 24 hours. Nigerian is my God-given home and I consider it a very safe place.

    The most dangerous state in Nigeria does not exist

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