Which is the strongest tribe in Nigeria


Among the many Nigerian tribes, I believe there is one that is considered really strong. To the admin, thanks for creating such a wonderful forum for questions and answers, please which do you consider the strongest tribe in Nigeria.

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  1. sisicaro

    Nigeria has over 200 tribes but there are three major tribes which are Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. These tribes boast of individual areas of strength based on human capital and cultural values.

    So don’t think there is a strongest tribe per se. Maybe if you talk about financial strenth or education qualifications, I may have a unique answer for you.

    But the nation Nigeria thrives on the unity in our diversity hence the saying “united we stand, divided, we fall”

    Together, we are strong as a Nation.

  2. Ttonia Okoli

    Three major tribes that would readily come to mind when a question like this is posed are Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa, but the strongest of them all would be the Hausa tribe.

    The Igbos are very commercial when compared to the other two. They are also the only tribe that has tried and nearly succeeded in achieving their own country. One would call this a strength but I think it is one of the reasons they are not as strong, reintegration after the two and a half years of war did not happen overnight, it is still a process as resentment is handed down through generations.

    The Yorubas hold the bragging rights to the most educated and liberal tribe in Nigeria. They also have Lagos, the commercial capital of West Africa.

    The Hausas, however, have remained the major key players in Nigerian politics since her independence from Britain in 1960. Their population is estimated to be 25% of the countries’ total, and there is strength in their numbers. Though they may be classified as the least educated, they are very politically savvy, both young and old are abreast of political affairs of the country.

    The Hausa also hold major positions in ministries and defense parastatals, as a result, Hausa graduates are more likely to get civil service jobs than their counterparts, blame this on nepotism.

    They are known for farming; livestock, grains, and vegetables.

    The President of the country is Hausa, so IMHO, Hausa is the strongest tribe in Nigeria.

  3. Eva

    Nigeria has over 300 tribes with diverse cultures, traditions, and languages but has three major tribes which are Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa.

    But I think the Hausa’s are the strongest tribe in Nigeria Because they have the highest population, they are influential interns of politics, power, military, they have produced 90% of president in Nigeria since 1960, they are the largest tribe in Nigeria, they have bigger landmass compared to other tribes and they occupy the northern geopolitical zones of the country which takes 19 state out of 36 states in the country.

    I will say they are the strongest because of the above points and I believe they come together to defend one another in times needed, And like it is always said, unity is power, they don’t allow their people to lose in anything.


  4. Dsanch

    No tribe in Nigeria is said to be the strongest. All tribes claim to be the strongest but truth be told; they all have a weak point.

    Nigeria has (3)three major ethnic groups which include:

    1. Fulani/Hausa tribe

    2. Igbo

    3. Yoruba

    Fulani/Hausa tribe: They are the largest tribe in Nigeria and have the highest population in the country. They claim to be the strongest because they occupy most of the important public offices in the country and also, they have a great number in the military. They also have the richest man in Africa “Aliko Dangote” as one of them.

    Igbo: They are known to be industrious and tell the strength of the Igbo tribe are seen in managing the finance very well.

    You will hardly go anywhere in the world without seeing an Igbo man/woman. They also have the highest number of successful businessmen and women in the country. They also have a bad side to be the most dangerous tribe to be feared.

    Yoruba: They are strong when it comes to politics and education with the highest number of professors in the country. They have a great number of occupants in politics and military which is why they are said to be the toughest too.

    In Conclusion, No tribe is audaciously termed strongest in Nigeria. Every one of the tribes from the top to the least has areas of strength and weaknesses.

    Consider the Igbos for instance, they are considered wealthy but yet politically unstable. The Hausas are considered politically strong but generally uneducated.

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