Who is the richest Nigerian in 2020?


Who is the richest Nigerian in 2020? the economy is hitting people hard in Nigeria and all over the world. several businesses are filing for bankruptcy while only few are retaining their wealth.

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    Richest in Nigeria

    For the ninth time, Aliko Dangote has remained the richest Nigerian in 2020 with a net worth of $10.1 Billion.

    It is speculated that he would most likely retain this position since his refinery, with a capacity to double his net worth is soon to be functional.

    Below is a list of some of the richest Nigerians.

    Mike Adenuga

    Femi Otedola

    Folurunsho Alakija

    Jim James Ovia

    Jimoh Ibrahim

    Pascal Dozie


    The richest man in Nigeria in 2020 remains the exquisite and sarvy business man, alhaji sani aliko dangote. He has continually held the sway. He remains dogged even in very harsh economic times and I don’t think even with the covid-19 which has taken the whole world into economic recession the impact would be quite felt by this astute businessman of high worth and experience.  To add some sugar to the salt however this are some of the richest men in the Nigeria excluding those dirty politicians o.

    1. Aliko dangote

    2. Femi otedola

    3. Mike adenuga

    4. Folorunsho alakija

    5. Bashiru abdulsamad

    6. Tony elumelu

    7. Segun agbaje

    8. Jim ovia

    9. Herbert wigwe

    10. Oba otudeko




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