Why are Nigerian men so mean and heartless


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First time dating a Nigerian man I had a really bad experience dating a Nigerian man. He was rude, selfish, mean controlling, manipulative clever crazy narcissistic mentally emotionally physically abusive.

He was petty and a big liar he would never tell me the truth about him he kept his life and everything a big secret he always acted like he was hiding from something I was with him for 15 months and he still was a stranger to me we were in a long-distance relationship I live in Philadelphia he lives in Maryland.

He always uses to tell me he wanted me to be submissive he would say my ex-wife was submissive just because she was submissive doesn’t mean I’m gonna be submissive that not cool he was always throwing that up in my face he would beat me with a belt he always killed me I had to get away from him he was a very bad person he had a lot of issues with women.

He would talk to me like I was a piece of shit on his shoe.

He doesn’t respect the woman, he was a cheater.

I like African men but I don’t think I will date no more African men  Can someone tell me if this behavior is normal for Nigerian men he was Muslim and he was from the Yoruba tribe.

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Where did you meet him? Unfortunately, most women are attracted to really bad guys.
    I could help with your question but I need to know if you are still dating him?

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