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Answers Nigeria | Questions Nigeria

Nigeria is home to some of the most amazing people in the universe, there is so much going on this nation. However, some issues plague this beautiful country. Issues that we must, of necessity address.

Nigeria answers

The country is unique and one of the most blessed nations in the world. However, people all over the world are yet desiring to understand some basic Things About Nigeria.

This blog was set up to address some of the basic questions in the mind of Nigerians and Friends of Nigerians. People all over the world are asking lots of questions about Naija daily, our job is to give them prompt answers.

Daily we get questions about Nigerian foods, questions about the people, religions, about Nigerian men, women, girls etc. Our job is to help address these pressing questions.

You can send us your question and expect an answer within the hour. Thousands of other Nigerian are waiting to give detailed answers to your questions.

Whether you are looking to start a business in Nigeria or you are just hoping to visit but wondering What is interesting about Nigeria? We got you covered. We have information about agriculture in Nigeria

We understand the political atmosphere and would gladly answer your questions about politics, politicians, the government, The president, crude oil. Crude oils is of course, Our biggest export

If you are the religious type, you can learn about Religions in Nigeria.

You can also see the general list for the Nigerian Questions

Our aim was to offer Nigerians and friends of Nigerians a resource for all thing Nigeria, We have a burning desire to satisfy your hunger for information.

Niaja is famous for a lot of things: Football, Nollywood, World Biggest Churches, Music, Crude oil and pretty women.

Nigeria is home to famous people like Aliko Dangote and Goodluck Jonathan. We have a lot to share with, click on a few links to learn more about Nigeria.

Click here to learn about Foods in Nigeria. So much has been said about Nigerian people, so much is yet to be said.

Questions and Answers from Nigerians

Lots of people are beginning to ask different questions about Nigeria. We have provided detailed answers to these questions, the good thing is that you can also make a contribution

About Igbo people

Igbo People
Igbo people are one of the most popular ethnic groups in Naija, aside from their penchant for business and commerce, they have other unique characteristics that distinguish them from the many other ethnic groups in Africa… Read more about Igbo People

About Yoruba people

Yoruba People
Yoruba people are a set of people concentrated majorly in the south-western states of Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun and Lagos with over 40 million in population… Read more about Yoruba People

About The Presidents of Nigeria

President of Nigeria
The President of Nigeria is currently general Mohammad Buhari who is doing his second term in office and should be out by 2023, all things being equal… read more about the President of Nigeria

Nigeria Questions and Answers

Here are some of the popular questions and answers about Naija, we have responded to these question but you are also welcome to make your own contributions. Together, we can create a comprehensive resource for information about the Nigerian people.