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Category : Nigerian Tribes

Nigerian tribes or ethnic groups are part and parcel of Nigeria’s overall societal setting. The group you belong to says a lot about you.

We dress differently, speak different languages, and eat similar foods with dissimilar recipes.

Nigerian tribes

We have many ethnic groups existing in Nigeria. They are aptly categorized into two groups -the major and minor tribes.

These are the major Nigerian tribes and their populations.

1. Igbo – 46 million

2. Hausa – 65 million

3. Yoruba – 45 million

Once your tribe is known to a person, he or she can rightly make assumptions about you. Foods, clothing style, behavioral pattern, traditions, and ethics are peculiar among these tribes

People are categorized by their tribes in Nigeria.

How to Know an Hausa Man

If you are an Hausa person, it is most likely that you would be

1. A Muslim – more than 80% of the Hausa population consider Islam as their religion.

2. From Northern Nigeria – A large percentage of the Hausa population is domiciled in northern Nigeria.

3. You probably eat foods like tuwo shinkafa and Masa.

4. You must also Speak the Hausa language.

5. Likewise, you may also own cattle or farmland.

Each of the Nigerian tribes has traits or characters that make them stand out in society.

How to Know an Igbo Man

The Igbo man also has certain characteristics that would distinguish him from other ethnic groups.

1. He would most likely be a Christian – Over 90% of the Igbo population are predominantly Christians.

2. He eats bitter leaf soup, Ugba, and Ukwa.

3. The Igbos are into trade or the production of goods.

The Igbo tribe is unique in their quest for business adventure. The reason you find them spread all over the world.

In like manner, a typical Yoruba person can be identified by the following traits or characters.

How to Know a Yoruba Man

1. The Yoruba are mostly Christians, a large percentage of the population are also Muslims.

2. From Western Nigeria – A large population of the Yoruba people is domiciled in western Nigeria.

3. Eats foods like amala, ewedu, gbegiri, etc.

2019 constitution pegged the Yoruba population at 45 million people in Nigeria alone, with several million scattered in the rest of the African continent and the world.

Minor Tribes in Nigeria

Out of the 209 million population of Nigeria in 2021, over 150 million falls within the major Nigerian tribes (Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba), the rest are parts of the 300+ minor Nigerian tribes

Other tribes in Nigeria include – Efik, Fulani, Ijaw, Idoma, Ishekiri, Nupe, Nigel, Kanuri, Nembe, Ibibio, Calabar, Birom, Bini, Bura, Buru,  and more than 300 others.

Among the many Nigerian tribes, I believe there is one that is considered really strong. To the admin, thanks for creating such a wonderful forum for questions and answers, please which do you consider the strongest tribe in Nigeria.

I am married to an Igbo man and just wondering what to  make for him. He eats whatever he finds in house but I just want to be able to surprise him once in a while. So What do the Igbo ...