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Just wondering… What language do Nigerians speak? I will be attending a Nigerian wedding here in Texas, they are just my neighbors and I was invited, I hope I it doesn’t turn out awkward 😀

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  1. Nigerians speak English as their Lingual Franca. This means that, if you meet a Nigerian today, he or she would first address you in English. English is spoken in all thirty-six states of the country. It is used in the education sector, health sector, and virtually all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

    Now, asides English, which is the major Language spoken amongst Nigerians, we also have three major languages which are spoken among the three major tribes in Nigeria. There is the Igbo language, which is spoken amongst the Easterners in Nigeria, there is the Hausa language, which is spoken amongst the Northerners in Nigeria, and lastly, there is Yoruba, which is spoken amongst the Westerners in Nigeria.

    The Southern part of Nigeria has a rich array of Languages which is subdivided into different dialects, none being a major language, which makes language arraignment a bit of a trick. Efik, Ibibio, Ikwerri, amongst others are spoken in the Southern part of Nigeria.

    You can rest easy as regards to the wedding you are about to attend, there would be a free flow of communication


    There are lots of languages spoken in Nigeria but I am guessing you would do just fine English, you can never go wrong speaking English. You are a foreigner and I am guessing you are not black so no one from Nigerian will be expecting you to say anything in local Nigerian languages.

    We have a plethora of languages spoken in Nigeria, over 300 from the last time I counted, I don’t think you want to learn about all Nigerian languages.

    We have popular languages and others that are not so popular. There are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. They speak the three major languages in Nigeria, however, everyone speaks English.

    English is the official language spoken in Nigeria, it is the major language that Nigeria speaks.

    On the contrary, if you are friends with Nigerians and looking to learn some of the popular phrases in our local language, we can guide you.

    You can see this article about Languages in Nigeria

    Learn some basic phrases in Yoruba langauges

  2. I hope am invited to the wedding. Lol. Well, it depends on the particular tribe that will be dominant at the wedding. That’s obviously the first question anybody would want to be answered.

    The Nigeria languages are well over 300 but classified into major and minor languages.

    The major languages are just three while a plethora of minor languages abound. Below are the three majors that are spoken in Nigeria.

    1. The Hausa

    2. The Igbo

    3. The Yoruba

    The others are classified as minor languages. Well you just need to know the basic greetings that’s all.

    At most of the gathering use the lingua franca which is the English language is mostly put into use due to people who might not be part of the tribes attending.

    You are sure to be comfortable because it is even on foreign ground, so be rest assured that English language will be the order of the day. Will be waiting for your invitation. Thanks. Lol


    Nigerians speak all of the languages listed below and some.

    1. English Language

    2. Igbo language

    3. Yoruba Language

    4. Hausa language

    5. Fulfulde

    6. Efik

    7. Udoma

    8. Okrika

    9. Ijaw

    10. Pidgin English

    There are more than 300 hundred languages spoken in Nigeria. If they are your neighbor you must have heard them communicate before and my guess is that they will most likely speak and understand the English language since it the official language in Nigeria.

    What Language do Nigerians speak?

    In one word – English.

    Also, we speak pidgin English which is a lot similar to normal English, I made some English to pidgin translations below.

    Where are you | Where you dey

    I am missing you | I dey miss you

    Where are you going? | Where you dey go?

    What is your name | Wetin be your name

    How are you | How you dey

    You are beautiful | You fine

    Mother | Mother

    Father | Father

    I guess you are beginning to understand it, with practice, you will get better.

    Pidgin English is street language in Nigeria, we speak pidgin in our homes and market places too but it is rarely used for communication in classrooms or cooperate offices.

    If you are however dating a Nigerian person and looking to understand some of the key phrases in Nigerian local language, that’s a story for another day.

  3. Eva

    Nigerians speak different languages but have a common language which is English language.

    We have three main tribes in Nigeria they are the Hausa, Yoruba, and Ibo, and the difference in dialects makes it feel like there are three different nations in one.

    Now, when you combine these three regions together with hundreds of other tribes, then you will notice the country lacked an unifying language, So English language was adopted by Nigerians after the British colonial rule in 1914, as the only unifying solution to a nation filled with different ethnicity.

    Nigeria is a multilingual country, it comprises of many tribe not just the three largest tribes, Given the country’s geographical spread together with more than 500 languages.

    But with these languages we use English language for administration, press, business, commerce, education, international relations etc . It is the dominant language, although the constitution does not declare it the official language.

    So I think of you speak English language you will be able to relate with your neighbors and his family at the wedding.


    I took a DNA TestA and found out that I was 24% Nigeran and 25& European
    How can I find out what tribe i’m from between Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo?
    How can I find out?

    Thank you. Robert Mystery Thomas.

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