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Yoruba names with english meanings

Yoruba names with english meanings

Yoruba names have English meanings, and much of the questions we get on this blog are about language translations.

Yoruba names are unique because they carry powerful meanings. It is very much believed among the Yoruba people that the name given to a child has an impact on his destiny. It would set a tone for his success or failure.

These are some unique names for males in the Yoruba language, some of them are listed below, including the English meaning.

Male Names in Yoruba Language

1. Abegunde- one born during the holiday

2. Abiodun- one born during the festive season

3. Abiade- one who is born of Royal parents

4. Abidugun- one born before a war

5. Adebamgbe- royalty dwells with me

6. Adesanya- my pains have been compensated by this child

7. Adeshola- one who is crowned to bring a wealth

8. Adetope- the crown is worthy to be praised

9. Babasola- father’s wealth has arrived

10. Bayowa- he has come with joy

11. Durosimi- wait to rest

12. Esupofo- The devil has lost

13. Farayioluwa- I rely on God

14. Ifelewa- The beautiful love

15. Mobo- freedom

16. Modurodeoluwa- I waited on the Lord

17. Mofiyinfoluwa- To God be the glory

Female names in the Yoruba Language

1. Abifoluwa- born for God

2. Abosede- name given to a girl born on the first day of the week.

3. Adepeju- the crown is filled of honor

4. Adunni- One who is sweet to love

5. Atinuke- taken care from conception

6. Erimipe- my testimony is complete

7. Fadekemi- pamper me a wealth

8. Fadesewa- beautified with crown

9. Folashade- use wealth as crown

10. Kikelomo- A child is meant to be pampered

11. Odunayo- the year of joy

12. Oladayo- wealth became joy

13. Omowunmi- I love children

14. Ọmọ́tẹ́hìnṣe – The one that repairs what is left behind

15. Oreoluwa- God’s friend

16. Tiwatope- Our situation is worthy of thanksgiving

17. yejide- the image of her mother

18. Yewande- mother looked for me

19. Yetunde- Mother has returned from the dead

20. Yomade- joy around the crown

21. Yososlaoluwa- enjoy the wealth of God

Yoruba Words

There are Yoruba words with English meanings. Then there are unique words that are the same for Yoruba and English but with a different meaning.

Words like ‘Arise’ are both the same spelling in English and Yoruba, but mean different things and are pronounced differently.

More examples are below.

Same Spelling With Different Meanings

The following Yoruba words have the same spelling in English, but different pronunciations and different meanings.

1. Arise-which means a man who has lots of wealth, but means rise up in English.

2. Ape – which means someone who came late, but means a type of mammal in English words.

3. Ore – This means gift but means a metal just extracted from the ground in English

4. Shade- A yoruba name for a girl, but means a covering from the sun.

5. Desire- a name which means the child has come to meet goodness but means the wish to achieve by doing a particular thing in English words.

6. Jade- interestingly, a name for both yoruba and English climes.

7. Kola- a name which means the child brought wealth to the home, but means a particular fruit in English.

8. Wale- means a child has come home but means a stroke of the rod or cain in English words.

9. Akin- means a courageous man but means things that are similar to each other in English.

10. Ale- means a concubine but ale is a beer in English.

11. Dupe- means praise to God but means someone swindled of his goods and properties in English.

12. Dare – a word for someone vindicated but means a opposition in English.

13. Made- means get the crown but means something finished perfectly in English.

14. Joke- a name which pampered child by parents but means a funny word in English.

15. More – means knowledge of God’s care and love but means wanting things which u believe not enough.

16. Awe- means large but means high reference of someone in English.

17. Ire- means goodness but means anger or fury in English.

Very quite funny I guess let’s move on.

Yoruba names for twins

Ibeji (known as Ibeji, ibeyi or jimaguas in Latin America) Is the name given to an orisha representing a pair of twins in the Yoruba culture.

Taye means the first child that experienced the world, and Kehinde means the one that came out last. There are however some modifications like Taiwo and Kenny, but these are just nicknames or alias, so if you tend to come across people bearing that name be sure to know they are twins.

Taye and Kehinde are always twins in Yoruba culture.

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  1. Omolara, Ayilara, Tunde, Bisi, Yetunde, These are some of the Yoruba names that my Yoruba friends bear. I have met lots of Yoruba people from my primary school to the university, amazing, all of them. Also intelligent!

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