How did Nigeria gain Independence.


Please, how did Nigeria gain independence? I am writing my second book about Nigeria on Nigerian independence and just wanted to learn a couple of things about Nigeria. I am completely depending on you to write a great book.

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  1. Dsanch

    Independence simply means the state or quality of been independent and freedom from external control and interference.

    The fight for Independence began when the few elites in the country like Nnamdi Azikiwe saw the colonial masters were exporting our natural resources.

    They found out they took away everything we had including our food which they turned to cash crops and they still made us buy that which we produced. our cultures and traditions were negetively impacted.

    The fight started when these Educated Elites saw the need to be Independent, a protest began and on October 1, 1960 we gain our freedom and Independence.

    Upon Independence, Nnamdi Azikiwe became the new Governor-General and Abubakar Tafewa Balewa became the first prime minister.

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