What are healthy Nigerian breakfasts for weight loss?


Please what do you consider a healthy Nigerian breakfast that could help with weight loss? I find myself eating lots of junk foods and just adding unnecessary weight. Any Ideas?

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    Fruits are generally healthy and help in weight loss, they can be consumed as breakfast; but there are a host of others like eggs, bread, beverage, wheat germ, potatoes- very rich in fiber, pap and bean cakes, pudding, oats, boiled corn ,etc. These meals can serve for breakfast and can also promote weight loss.


    I have always stayed off the topic of weight loss because I don’t believe anyone can lose weight without any form of discipline.

    While there are healthy breakfast that would enable weight loss, it would really help if you determine to go easy on them too.

    You need to cut down your portion too.

    Except you are planning to starve, changing meals may not bring an immediate result if exercise is not part of your routine.

    You see why I like to stay off the topic? 😀

    To Lose weight, you need to go easy on carbs and fatty foods.

    More on fiber foods – wheat, maize, plantain (unripe), vegetables with less sugar.

    So, try cucumbers and groundnut for breakfast instead of tea and bread.

    Less milk, you can use unsweetened tiger nut milk instead.

    Less meat, eat beans, egg white, etc. for protein

    Use herbs – ginger, garlic cloves (these works all the time for me)


    Give me something light’ says a popular Nigerian musician.

    1. Let your breakfast be very light not heavy foods that makes you look like a fat
    Fruits, coffee and bread, jollof rice, beans and pap etc.

    2. Eat at intervals. A little snacks in and between for lunch time.
    Healthy snacks especially fruits like banana and garden eggs.

    3. Take something that can be easily digestible at night. Avoid too much solid food.

    4. Exercise regularly and drink lots of water.

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