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Category : Nigerian Dating

Nigerian dating (relationships) are definitely not without the usual turbulences that accompany them. It is the same all over the world.

Since relationships precede marriages, we may not be able to avoid them. Hence, we must be well-informed in order to avoid heartbreaks.
Nigerian dating
Are you dating a Nigerian person, or even looking to get married?

Lots of Nigerians are involved with people of diverse cultures and ethnicity. Sometimes, it is not easy to figure them out.

There is an American girl that is in love with a Nigerian man but wondering if he is genuine or not.

Is there a way to figure out if he truly loves you or not?

Why we are yet to develop a technological approach to heart matters, there are, however, cautionary measures that can be taken to avoid catastrophe.

Dating a Nigerian Man

I read lots of bad reviews about Nigerian men in the diaspora, on the contrary, Nigerian men at home don’t attract such negative reviews. Maybe it is just different in orientation.

Nigerian men are raised differently, the culture, orientation are different from what you would expect from others.

Be sure the orientations are aligned.

Do you cook for your husband, or he should be the one cooking? Do you get the point? Orientations must align.

Dating a Nigerian Girl

The relationship in Nigeria is basically the same as in Europe and America. You meet a girl and take her out, then courtship should lead to marriage. You should be more concerned about traditional marriage, you can read more about it.

This thread is basically about Nigerian dating.

You can read all about it by following the links below.

Learn how to marry a Nigerian girl. You can tell us about your experience with that Nigerian guy and get genuine tips here.

You can add your own comment to the questions below.

First time dating a Nigerian man I had a really bad experience dating a Nigerian man. He was rude, selfish, mean controlling, manipulative clever crazy narcissistic mentally emotionally physically abusive. He was petty and a big liar he would never tell ...