Who is the richest woman in Nigeria


Who is the richest woman in Nigeria? I don’t mean politically, like economically. In business, service or otherwise. I learned some wives of politicians in Nigeria are very rich!

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    While I completely understand what you mean by the richest woman in Nigerian, I choose however to be detailed in this comment. So many Nigerian women have made money, lots of money, money that would scare the crap outta you! 😀

    But quite a number of them are not Forbes-grade rich.

    The richest woman in Nigeria is Folorunso Alikija – Forbes’ archives.

    Alakija is ranked by Forbes as the second most powerful woman in Africa, guess who topped the list? Our amiable Ngo Okonjo-Iweala Mrs.

    As of 2014, Alikija was ranked as number 1 money woman in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion and nearly beat Oprah’s record as the richest black woman earth.

    Alikija has retained the position as the richest Nigerian woman for the last 7 years, she will most likely top the list, once again, in 2020.

    Nigerian has also produced other wealthy women from several sectors of the economy and discipline. Some of the women listed below have made indelible impacts in our national history and will never be forgotten in a hurry.

    While some are not recognized by Forbes, they are certainly recognized by Nigerians and the lives they have unarguably impacted.

    1. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

    2. Bola Shagaya

    2. Mo Abudu

    3. Fifi Ejindu

    4. Stella Okoli

    5. Dieazini Alison

    6. Daisy Danjuma

    The list is endless, but I will be stopping here.

  1. Flint

    When it comes to riches, people have always referred to it as the men’s world. But that does not so cause a very good number of outstanding, creative, talented and industrious women who have found their way into that world with hard work, dedication, and commitment.

    Creative minds like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have been splendid and have maintained various positions on the Forbes magazine (a magazine that specializes in noting outstanding net-worth of various individuals in business) as one of the few that controls wealth.

    L’Oreal’s Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, Walmart’s Alice Walton has made a list of very rich women in the world. All these people have been proclaimed rich as a result of their stocks or shares in their various companies.

    In Africa, most women have shown great strength when it comes to riches. The richest woman in Africa who also doubles as the richest woman in Nigeria is Lagos born Folorunso Alakija, GMD Rose of Sharon Group. She is estimated to worth about 1bn USD and has been listed in 2015 by Forbes magazine as the second most powerful woman in Africa after former minister of finance, Dr Okonjo Iweala and 87th in the world.

    Alakija makes her money through fashion, oil and gas, printing press and so many other ventures. A businesswoman per excellence, 68 years of age and one of the best creative minds in the fashion industry. Her Rose of Sharon Foundation has helped so many widows and orphans with business grants and scholarships. She is married to a lovely Nigerian and their union is blessed with four sons.

    Other notable women that made the list of rich women in Nigeria include; Bolmus Group Internationals Hajia  Bola Shagaya, Starcrest Group’s Fifi Ejindu, and so many others too numerous to list.

  2. The richest woman in Nigeria. You say well it’s my grandmother. Laughs.
    The first and only person that comes to everyone’s mind is Folorunsho Alakija. Yea based on logistics and statistics but I bet some of the politician’s wives might be richer than her, but don’t let us mention names because the anti-graft agency might be reading.

    Let’s stick to statistics. According to Forbes, the world-renowned financial moguls rankings in 2015 has it that Folorunsho Alakija was and with subsequent ranking is the richest woman in Nigeria with around 2.5 billion dollars in the asset. Someone just shouted Jesus. Well, it’s true.

    She has a renowned conglomerate known as Sharon group which includes fashion, merchandise and most especially oil and gas which synonymous to all richest people in Nigeria.  She has one of the biggest oil blocs in Nigeria the OML 64 which is over 3 billion dollars worth. On national television the former president Olusegun Obasanjo at a particular hearing on the seizure of the oil bloc was heard telling Alakija he was the one who made her. The oil bloc was finally released to her. That’s a story for another day.

    The fact remains Folorunsho Alakija according to the documented fact is the richest woman in Nigeria. Not to worry you might be the next.

  3. Dsanch

    Nigerians are known in history as people of great achievements.

    The richest woman in Africa is a 69yrs old Nigerian billionaire and businesswoman – Mrs. Alakija. She was born in Lagos State Nigeria and have build massive chains of businesses in the last few years. She is the director of the rose of Sharon Group and the executive vice chairwoman of the Famfa oil.

    She also has a prolific offshore asset at Agbami oilfield.

    She first worked as a Secretary before opening her first company which is a Fashion Label and according to Forbes, she is a billionaire with 2.5 billion dollars in her bank account.

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