Dating a Nigerian man, will I get hurt?


Dating a Nigerian man, will I get hurt? I mean like how do I Deal With a Nigerian man in relationship so I don’t get hurt? I am a waiter at a popular restaurant and this Nigerian guy have been asking me out.
He is all sweet and a gentleman but I read a lot of negative reviews on the internet about dating Africans (Nigerian men precisely). So I am a little skeptical in this situation.
Should I go out with him?

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    No association leaves you neutral, dating a Nigerian does not guarantee that you will get hurt or not get hurt. What matters is that you are dating the right or wrong person.

    In every nation, there are bad guy as much as there are good guys.

    So we really don’t know who you are dating, you only told us about his nationality but not his character. I get that he is cute and all but those are just looks. The real man is known by his character.

    So spend some time learning about him before getting committed, we should all learn to ask question before getting into a relationship. It is wrong to jump in and then wonder if we are going to get hurt.

    Dating a Nigerian man will never get you hurt? The way you Deal With a Nigerian man in relationship matters. You must understand, to a reasonable extent, his culture and upbringing.

    Relationships should be easy if we are disciplined enough to involve our brains and not just our hearts.


    You wouldn’t get hurt by dating a decent Nigerian man. I have gotten tired of watching people taint the image of Nigerian man. The truth is that the piper will always pay you in your own coin.

    There are more than 100 million decent men in Nigeria but you go for the ones that smoke pipe with you, the one you met in a night club and you expect him to become a saint overnight

    There are good people and bad people all over the world.

    Some women are prone to keep dating the wrong kind of men and then turn around to blab on social media when it goes south. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you will keep getting same old result.

    My advice is, look for a decent Nigerian man and you wouldn’t ever get hurt.

    A man with a decent upbringing.

    A man that Goes to church and loves Jesus.

    A man that treats women right.

    Then you wouldn’t definitely get hurt.

    This is just my opinion, my supposition is that you will read it carefully before dating another Nigerian man.

  1. Flint

    All men are unique and different in the own ways. Dating involves building a relationship with the opposite sex, for friendship which may or may not lead to marriage.

    Dating over time has been given another meaning as people now see it has a time to extort money from each other , engage in unlawful canal knowledge of each other and parade themselves as couples while the are not.

    Dating involves meeting people and spending time with them in order to access them and know them better. Its often a form of courtship. There are rules and regulations for courtship, although, a lot of people/countries don’t care about them.

    Dating a Nigerian man will not get you hurt automatically… just because he is a Nigerian. All over the world, people have different expectations while in relationships. Some of those expectations are met while some are not. Such is the case when you date a Nigerian man. So when dating a Nigerian guy or any man for that matter, your expectations may or may not be met. You may or may not get hurt while dating a Nigerian guy.

    It depends on a lot of factors.

    I will say the best form of dating is defining the relationship, if it’s not what you two want or cannot work towards achieving it, then it’s better you don’t date at all than date and get hurt. Peradventure you get hurt, don’t be depressed, there are a whole lot of men who can love you for who you are…

  2. Eva

    Dating a Nigeria man is a good thing but getting hurts depends on 1. The man you are dating whether or not he loves you: some men just crush on a girl and will decide to ask her out and after some days or weeks they will completely loose interest, some are just looking for somebody to fill a vacuum created by who they loved and will be expecting you to be like their lover before they can love you and that might not work because you can never be somebody else… adequately.

    2. Depending on your character: Every body have what they want to see in their lover, to an extend you must understand team spirit and how relationship works.

    So when dating a guy be it Nigerian guy or not you have to be sensitive to avoid heart breaks. All guys are not the same.

    So much have been said about Nigerian men on social media, some are true, others are merely concocted. I will advice that you follow your heart and pray… if you are the church type.


    You must have heard somethings about Nigerian men but I want you to calm down

    You only encountered a couple of men from Nigeria, note that we have over 80 million men in Nigeria. So you have not even scratched the surface.

    Also, to find a good man, you must be a good woman.

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