What do the Igbo tribe eat?


I am married to an Igbo man and just wondering what to  make for him.

He eats whatever he finds in house but I just want to be able to surprise him once in a while. So What do the Igbo tribe eat?

Like what would he readily eat.

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  1. Williamspro

    there are a lot for food you can make for an igbo person like igusi, groundnut, white soup and co . all goes well with eba, pounded yam and fufu.


  2. Flint

    The Igbo tribe is one of the numerous tribes found in Nigeria known for it’s industrial, skillful and hardworking tribes men. Apart from these, Igboland is home to exotic foods.

    What the Igbo tribe eat is foods like – Jollof rice, Porridge beans ,Porridge plantain, Eba and soup, yam recipes, etc. But due to their hardworking and industrial nature, the Igbo tribe are known to be high consumers of pounded yam with any delicious soup.

    There are lots of different soups in Nigeria and all soups are served with swallow. (eba, pounded yam, fufu etc).
    Some of the soups made in Igboland includes

    Oha Soup
    Okro soup
    Onugbu soup
    Ogbono soup
    Ofe Owerri
    Anara soup
    Ofor soup

    And several other soup recipes.

    As we know yam is the king of all crops and can only be cultivated by a hard-working farmer. That why they eat much of it because it is believed that pounded yam is supposed to generate more energy than the average Nigerian food.

  3. Eva

    The Igbos eat so many food and these include
    1. Bitter leaf soup (Ofe Onugbu)it is not bitter as the name implies but it is delicious made of bitter leaf,palm oil, meat, fish, spices etc

    Bitterleaf soup is served with fufu (Akpu) or eba.

    2. Abacha(boiled cassava,red oil spices etc)

    3. Nkwobi(varieties of meat,palm oil,utazi leafs, onions,potash,spices etc)

    4. egusi soup

    5. Okro or ogbono soup

    6. Ofe Nsala soup

    7. Okpa etc

    The above soup are eaten with  preferred swallow. But the Igbo’s mostly prefer fufu (akpu).

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    What you see below are some of what the Igbo tribe eat.

    What you see (from the left is) African salad (abacha), Jollof rice, fried rice and Okro soup by the right.

    What Igbo eat

    The Igbos Eat All of These Foods Listed Below.

    African Salad

    Jollof Rice

    Fried Rice

    Loi Loi (Akpu) – always served with soup, akpu is also called fufu or utara in Igboland.

    Akara (beans cake)

    Yam (Porridge yam, roasted yam, ) The Igbos are quite popular for their yearly “new yam festival” Popularly called “Iri Ji”.

    African breadfruit (Ukwa)

    Beans (Porridge beans, Moi Moi etc.)

    Okro soup – One of the most popular soup eaten by the Igbos.

    What the Igbo tribe eat is synonymous to what an average Nigerian would eat. While there are certain recipes and foods that are indigenous to the Igbo tribe, they also enjoy general Nigerian foods.

    There are lots of foods that exist in Nigeria and a plethora of recipes across different Nigerian ethnic group. Take jollof rice for instance, the Igbo recipe is slightly different from the Yoruba recipe. Same thing goes for ogbono soup and egusi soup.

    When making Egusi soup in Yoruba land you start by frying egusi, however, it is done differently in Igboland, You sprinkle the egusi around 15 minutes before you turn off the heat.

    Read More about Nigerian Tribe

    Best answer

    I am from Igbo and I eat virtually any good looking food. I recently switched to healthy foods, so once it is healthy and looking good, That is good for me. I think the majority of Igbos are very adaptive, hence, the reason they could live in any part of the world.

    I eat this soups.




    Egusi soup

    Onugbu soup (my favorite)

    And like a thousand others.

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