What are the local food in Nigeria?


What are the local food in Nigeria? Like foods that are indigenous to the Nigerian nation. I am learning a whole lot about the country Nigeria. Thanks for your feedback.

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  1. Limbro

    Nigeria has quite some good locally prepared food, much of which has to do with the ethnic group an individual belong.

    These are some of the local foods in Nigeria.

    For examples: the Yoruba’s,  have food like ebiripo,Ojojo, Ekuru, Alapa, Ewedu, Abari, Gbegiri, Ilasa, Amala, egusi, pupuru, and so on.   

    The Igbo’s have food such as; Okpa, Nkwobi, Ofe akwu, Isi ewu, edikaikong, Ofe onugbu, Afang, Ogbono, Bangs etc.   The Northernas have Suya, Tuwo sinkafa, kilishi, Miyan Keuka, Miyan tause and so on.

    Generally, there are food that commonly eaten among the people. This includes; beans pudding, beans cake, garri, rice, yam porridge, chin chin etc.

  2. Eva

    Local Foods in Nigeria are very many, among-st them are

    1. Abacha and fish

    2. Ugwa and coconut

    3. Ukodo

    4. Soups and eba, pounded yam, tuwo sinkafa, amala

    5. Bole and fish

    6. Kilishi

    8. Suya

    9. Akara and pap

    10. Ofada rice

    11. Garri and groundnut

    12. Bayelsa bread

    13. Nkwobi etc

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    Here are some of the local foods in Nigeria, The country Nigeria is considerably large and due to it’s multiple ethnic groups, lots of foods are considered indigenous to the Nigerian people. local food in Nigeria

    We have a plethora of foods existing in Nigeria, some of them are locally cultivated and have existed in Nigerian from the beginning, Others were borrowed from other countries and only re-engineered, re-organised by Nigerians, 😀

    Jollof Rice

    Jollof rice

    Top on the list would be Jollof rice which doubles as Nigeria’s national food and also the most popular food in Africa. There are different recipes of jollof rice that exist not just in Nigeria but in different other African countries.

    Eba and Soup

    Eba and soup

    This is the second most popular food in Nigeria. Eba is a popular swallow in Nigeria and could be served with any soup. Eba is basically made from cassava. There are also thousands of soup recipes existing in Nigeria. Some of them are egusi, Afang soup, Ogbono soup, edikaikong soup, etc.

    Rice and stew

    Nigerian Food
    This combination is one of the local food in Nigeria, Boiling white rice is the easy part. lots of different recipe exist for making tomato stew and you can try any one of them.

    Other local foods in Nigeria includes

    Porridge beans

    Porridge yam

    African salad

    Moi moi

    Plantain porridge

    These are the Most Common Foods in Nigeria and they are considered generally acceptable, there are certain foods that are only known by minor groups in Nigeria.

    These local foods are made differently by different ethnic groups in Nigeria so you might wanna learn about Nigerian different tribes before moving forward.

  3. Flint

    There are thousands of local foods in Nigeria.

    Food is a significant elements of Nigerians culture. Local food in Nigeria includes those foods that are originally grown in Nigeria. Some of them have been around for thousands of years, others have their recipes changed/improved to meet the world’s ever changing, ever improving culinary demand.

    Some of the popular local foods in Nigeria are listed below, they should be in hundreds and thousands but I will be listing the top 15 local foods in Nigeria.

    1. Jollof Rice

    2. Egusi soup and Eba

    3. Afican salad

    4. Nkwobi

    5. Amala and ewedu soup

    6. Tuwo shinkafa and Miyan Tauche

    7. Edikaikong soup and fufu

    8. Yam porridge

    9. Akara and Beans Pudding

    10.Egusi soup and Pounded yam

    11.Melon pie

    12.Puff Puff

    13.Chin Chin

    14.Beans Porridge

    15.African Breadfruit (Ukwa)

    Some of the major local foods in Nigeria are usually combined with other staple foods to serve, take a plate of soup for instance, it must be served with swallow. Others like jollof rice can be served alone, you could throw in a glass of your favorite juice for extra deliciousness.

    And so many other foods too numerous to list.. these foods mentioned are healthy and are very delicious

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