What is the best food in Nigeria?


What is the best food in Nigeria, I am looking to create a food menu for my family of 5 but I need to know some of the best Nigerian foods to include in my menu.

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  1. Flint

    There are so many foods found in Nigeria but the best food is Garri (eba) and soup. It is the best because it goes with any type of delicious soup such egusi, ukazi or bitterleaf which are always nourishing and gives the required vitamins in the body.

  2. Eva

    The best food in Nigeria differ as you go from one individual to another. I think however, that most people prefer fried rice and chicken to other food although it is expensive to prepare so i will say fried rice and chicken is most people’s best food… poor people don’t hesitate to eat it during big occasions, middle class eats it occasionally and the rich make it in their homes and eat it regularly… So to me fried rice and chicken is most peoples best food in Nigeria the cost is just what is limiting people from enjoying this wonderful deliciousness!


    My best food is egusi soup and pounded. The first time I had this food I slept all through the night. Lol.
    Different Nigerians consider different foods as their best.

    The egusi soup should be prepared with either catfish or croaka fish, then you have me hooked.

    Our choice for foods changes as we attain maturation

    An average Nigerian kid would prefer noodles to anything else. The teenagers go for different kind of rice like jollof rice and fried rice.

    As you begin to attain adulthood you starting thinking of soups and more healthy foods.

    For me, it is a variation of egusi soup and pounded yam.

    My second best soups is edikaikong, OMG!

    Then, there is afang, okro and onugbu soup contesting for the third position.

    So what is your own best Nigerian food?


    Best food nigeria

    The best food in Nigeria is Jollof rice – There is no hotel, restaurant or eatery in Nigeria that does not sell jollof rice. It is also easy to make and all the needed ingredients can be found in almost any part of the world (rice, tomatoes, chicken etc).

    The second would be eba and egusi soup – this combination is also never lacking in any popular joint or restaurant. Egusi soup double as the most popular Nigerian soup and also one of the easiest to make.

    Read more about Eba (Garri) here.

    The third would be fried rice. The recipe is not as easy as that of jollof rice but is also very popular in Nigeria. it is served in almost all major events and sold in most restaurants and eatries.

    Below is my list of best food in Nigeria

    1. Jollof Rice

    2. Egusi Soup and Eba

    3. Fried Rice

    4. Moi Moi

    5. Porridge Yam

    6. Pounded yam and Afang Soup

    7. Porridge beans

    8. Rice and Tomato stew.

    9. Ukwa (African Breadfruit)

    10.Spaghetti Jollof


    Best answer

    I think the term “best food” does not exist, there is no particular food that is generally termed “best” in Nigeria,¬†choices defers. I know of a friend who cannot do without eba and soup for one day.

    He doesn’t care much about your fried rice and chicken, His best food is swallow (eba) and soup. It is the exact opposite for me, I can do without eba for more than one month. I can eat rice and salad for the whole world. Lol

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