What online business can I do in Nigeria?


What online business can I do in Nigeria? I am a student and just hoping to make some extra money monthly. I have some friends that have spoken to me about online business but I am still out of the loop.

What do you think would make a lucrative online business in Nigeria? I am a student and owns a laptop, a smart phone and good internet connectivity. Thanks for your answers.

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  1. Eva

    We have many online business that yield income in Nigeria… But the money that comes out depends on your hard work and dedication.

    Here are some of the online business you can do in Nigeria.

    1. Blogging: This involve the sell of information on the internet, You can blog about news, entertainment, health, etc. you can also set up a niche blog like – healthy eating, baking, foods, etc.

    Once you can generate enough visitors you can monetize your blog contents with google ads, eproduct and can even float your own eCommerce shop.

    There are popular blogs that are well recognized in Nigeria like allnigerianfoods.com, linda ikeji blog etc.

    2. eCommerce or Online marketing: Jumia is an eCommerce shop. Amazon, konga, are also part of the eCommerce shops. I know some guys that have mini eCommerce shops and makes good money in Nigeria monthly. They import products from china and use facebook advertising to channel customers to their mini sites.

    3. Affiliate marketing – You can register with eCommerce shops and help them with the sales of products. jumia, Konga, Amazon, Clickbank etc. They all have an affiliate marketing scheme. Once you can refer customers to them you can make money from them. You can spend some time to research this online businesses.

    There are lots of online businesses that could be done in Nigeria.

  2. Flint

    Online business in Nigeria is quite new to most of us but it is a fast growing market. Knowing the type of internet business to engage in Nigeria is very important since it is yet a grey area.

    One of the best online business opportunities in Nigeria is eCommerce, buying and selling of good and services online. Because of the advent of substandard goods in the Nigerian market, internet business that involves buying, selling and delivery of goods such as electronics, clothes, shoes, etc will thrive in Nigeria.

    If you stick to good products and find an effective way to deliver your goods to your customers, you have made it in life!

    This is because most Nigerians cannot differentiate between what is original and what is fake. So get them an original goods and delivering it to them will keep one in business for like ever!

    There are lots of businesses to do in Nigeria but I think this is good for starters.

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    There are myriad of online businesses that I can do in Nigeria, heck, I am engaged in one already. 😀

    Online business in Nigeria

    The first advise I got when I started out on the internet was – “treat it like a real business”. most people still believe there is easy money somewhere… on the internet? if you are in that category, this post is not for you.

    Online business must be seen as a real business that needs to be nurtured and grown.

    You must

    Dream – Plan – Structure – build.

    Over the last 10 years I have seen countless number of people ask this same question – What online business can I do in Nigeria? To some I have taken out time to explain, others I simply ignored.

    Let me list some of the opportunities but you must research them vigorously before ever getting involved 😀

    1. Become a Youtuber
    If you are a video-content creator, you could upload them to youtube and make tonnes of money monthly, example is Mark Angel Comedy. Mark is my friend (he doesn’t know yet), he makes comedy videos and upload them to youtube, you can be the next mark angel. I know at-least five Nigerian that make 6 figure from youtube monthly.

    2. Become a blogger
    If you have decent command of English and know so much about something… one thing! you can start a niche blog and make good money from it. It can be about Nigerian foods, entertainment, eCommerce, etc.

    3. eComernce
    You can set up an eCommerce site and go into mini-importation, if you have a good product and you understand packaging, you have 180 million Nigerians as your audience and boy, Nigerians love to buy good stuff.

    4. Become a Developer
    You can join the list of our ever-growing number of developers, maybe, you will be making the next killer app for Nigeria. We don’t yet have an app to detect criminals from a distance 😀
    Who know, maybe the world is waiting for you.

    5. Become a Network Marketer
    I am not an expert in network marketing but I have friend that belong to one network marketing scheme or the other. Some of them are marking really good cash, others are yet to find their bearing. Take some time to research network marketing in Nigeria.

    Like I said initially, There are lots of online businesses that anybody could do in Nigeria, you just need deep thinking and good planning. Don’t dive in before you think about it, shalom!

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