Is Nigeria a safe country?


Is Nigeria a safe country? What is your opinion, I have been invited to visit Nigeria, it is business related but I am wondering if it is safe to come. I hear lots of thing about killings and insecurity. I am an American.

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  1. Eva

    This question is alitle difficult but i will try answering it….I will say Nigeria is a safe country and its not a safe country… Its safe because some part is harmless while its not safe because some part is harmful… You need to be careful and prayerful when coming same way u need to be careful when going to other countries but i will say Nigeria is more harmful than it is harmless

  2. Dyke

    As long as the world is concerned, there is no place that is safe in this is world. But we can say, that there are certain conditions that can guarantee your safety which is dependent on the geographic location.

    Like in the South, which are majorly Christians, as far as you obey to the rules and regulations binding them and you having a good intentions you will forever remain in safety.

    likewise in the Northern part which are mostly Muslims. So your beliefs can help you decide where you can  co-habit. But Nigeria is wonderful and safe place to be especially when you are a business man.

  3. Williamspro

    Nigeria is a safe country but with security issues in Northern Nigeria.

    The unrest that has lasted for more than 10 year in Northern Nigeria is caused by an Islamic group popularly called BOKO HARAM. 

    So, Nigerian is basically safe as long as you are going to the East, West or Southern Part of the country.

    Some Northern states have been considered peaceful in the last five year, but to be on the safe side, you can avoid North for now.

  4. Oz
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    Nigeria, in my own opinion is not safe at the moment. The nation is characterized by all manners of insecurity issues ranging from Herdsmen attacks, to boko haran terror attacks, inter-tribal killings and even cases of murder by “trigger happy” uniformed men.

    I’d say in Nigeria, you are responsible for your own safety. As Nigerian we know when to leave the house and when to stay at home. If you are coming to Nigeria, you must take precautionary measures, especially when you are coming to Northern Nigeria

    Is Nigeria a safe country? Well some may argue in the opposite direction, this is my humble opinion about Nigeria my country.

  5. Flint

    In my opinion, Nigeria is a considerable safe country.

    Safety involves the security of lives and properties, where people are secured without fear of being killings or terrorism. Although Everyday we hear terrible stories of killings , abduction, robbery, corruption, etc.

    But on a second thought, comparing Nigeria to what is happening in Syria, Libya, and other terror ridden countries u might say Nigeria is a safe country.

    However, Nigeria houses one of the the deadliest terrorist group known in the planet – such as the Boko Haram in the north east and the fulani herdmen all over the country.

  6. Supernatural

    Nigeria as a country is very accommodating but in recent times there has been a lot of issues concerning insecurity and safety of lives and property.

    This issues are mostly recorded in the northern part but that is not to say the whole north of the country is not safe at the moment, less violence has been recorded in Kano and kaduna. Abuja is still in the north and yet the federal capital territory. No violence in abuja yet.

    However, to be on the safe side you can avoid the north-east for now.

    But the other parts of the country are considerably safe to be and since its just one part that has serious issues it is okay to say that Nigeria is a safe country.

  7. Oladinho

    Well! Without contention. Nigeria has issues with security, and since there is security problem we can’t deny the fact that Nigeria is not all safe. But there are places that are safe.

    However, no state can be adequately secured without the presence of a competent security structure.

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    is Nigeria Safe?

    Is Nigeria a Safe Country?

    This question is relative, the answer you will get is depended on the observers point of reference.

    There are over 190 millions people living in Nigeria and we consider the country to be safe and accommodating.

    Is Nigeria safe for tourists?

    Again, my answer would be an emphatic yes. I have lived in Nigeria for over yet 30 years and yet to personally witness a robbery attack or murder. I have heard stories of kidnapping but I have never had anyone involve that is close to me.

    However, there are recorded cases of mass genocide, inter-religious conflict and day-light murder in certain sections of the country. But I think it is wrong to make generalization based on this sectional errors.

    Some parts of the North are considered no-safe-zone at the moment. If you are a tourist and looking to visit Nigeria, I would suggest you stay clear some northern state like Borno and plateau state.

    Abuja is still the federal capital and still considered one of the safest city in Nigeria.

    Other cities I consider safe are (all states in the east, west and south should be in this list)








    Note, you should get a tour guide if you are still wondering whether Nigeria is a safe country.

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