Why is Nigeria giant of Africa?


Why is Nigeria giant of Africa? Why not South Africa which is currently in the G20? Do you consider this true? I would love to read your opinion.

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  1. Eva

    Nigeria is the giant of Africa because

    1. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, there are over 180 million people in Nigeria. That pegged her as the most populated nation in Africa and number 7th in the world.

    2. Nigeria is one of the the richest nation because of the presence of natural resources especially crude oil in Niger Delta and some states in Nigeria.

    3. Its the most influential nation in Africa when its comes to politics

    4. Nigeria have the most powerful military force in Africa, this is evidence in its role in maintaining peace in Africa and the world at large.

    5. Nigeria possesses Africa’s largest university educated population.


    Nigeria is often referred to as “The Giant of Africa” because of its large population and large economy. With a population of 186 million people, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and it is the seventh most populous country in the world.

    There are over 400 languages spoken in Nigeria

    There over over 350 different ethnic groups existing in Nigeria.

    Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa.

    Those feature are really what qualified Nigeria (and not any other country) as the giant of Africa.


    Nigeria is the Giant of Africa for so many reasons.

    1) Population

    Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and also the most popular black Nation. There are more than 180 million people living in Nigeria. This is why Nigeria is well represented in every country of the world. Her population is one of the reasons it is tagged the Giant of Africa.

    2) Popularity

    Nigeria is one of the most popular country in the world. I am yet to meet an adult that haven’t heard anything about the country Nigeria. Lots of Nigerians have made impact in the world from different disciplines. We are popular for our movies (Nollywood), Music, Politicians, Crude oil, Academicians, Footballers etc.

    3) Largest Economy

    Nigeria boosts of the largest economy in Africa and number 27th in the world in terms of nominal GDP, number 22nd in terms of purchasing power as at 2018. Nigeria operate a mixed economy and emerging market with ever expanding financial, technological, exploration, manufacturing, communication and entertainment industries.

    These are some of the reasons why Nigeria is the giant of Africa.

  2. Limbro

    Nigeria is referred to as giant of Africa due to her political influence and good economy.

    The country may have challenges in many areas but she also boast of knowledgeable people, open culture, fertile land for agriculture and strong military force. It is intrinsic to know that it is the most populous nation in Africa.

    I strongly support the United States of America Consul General, Mr. F. John Bray, who said “Nigeria is key to Africa’s prosperity and stability. If it does not happen in Nigeria, it does not happen anywhere on the African continent.

    If Nigeria waivers, everyone else will waiver.”


    Nigerian is only the giant of Africa by reputation only. There is nothing spectacular about the nation. It is still economically backward.

    Contrary to our expectations and hope, the government is still fantastically corrupt.

    On the bright side however, Nigerians are getting wiser by the day and soon corruption will be rooted out by the common man, not by the government. They government is incapable of fighting corruption in Nigeria.

    We have human resources that have been able to reach the epicenter of the world through unconventional thoughts and inventions.

    Nigeria is greatly gifted, and of course, the has the largest population in Africa.

  3. Flint

    A giant is something of great size(superhuman size) and force. Nigeria is the giant of Africa because of it’s great size and force.


    In size, Nigeria may not be the first in terms of expanse of land but in population, Nigeria is the world’s most populous black nation with over 180 million people. This alone has placed them on the world map as one of the three top countries in the world with great population.


    Nigeria no doubt is the greatest force in Africa. It has one of the biggest economy in Africa, the most organized law makers, strongest military might, enormous mineral resource deposit, highest number of intellectual giant and above all the mediator of peace in all other African countries.

    Nigeria played significant role during the apartheid in south Africa, the war in Liberia as well as several other countries in Africa.

    Nigeria has played major roles in the development of most African countries and also in the independence of some African countries like South Africa, Liberia , etc.

    Nigerian people on the other hand are scattered all over the continent developing the various sector where they are employed. Nigeria has always played the big brother role in the continent and these points are why Nigeria is refereed to being the giant of Africa.

  4. Alexis

    Nigeria is the giant of Africa majorly because of the following facts

    1. Its large population is one of the reasons Nigeria is reputed as being the giant of Africa. it is normally said that roughly 1 in 6 Africans is a Nigerian.
    2. Given its population that yields citizens who are hardworking, and a fast-growing economy, it has one of the strong GDP with various mineral resources scattered around the country.
    3. Its Political Influence in Africa and the world through the OAU (now called AU) and the UN respectively are also a major driving force.
    4. Nigeria is known for its military strength, ranked 4th strongest military force in Africa after Egypt, Algeria and South Africa.
    5. Nigeria also possesses Africa’s largest University Educated population with over 35 million. It is said that it is difficult to find a country in which Nigerian professionals are not present in.

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