What is Nigeria well known for?


So What is Nigeria well known for? I am doing a term paper on the country Nigeria and really wondering welcome the nation is easily reckoned with and what do you think Nigeria as a country is popular for?

Thanks for your answers.

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  1. Eva

    Nigeria is well known for a lot of thing and I will be listing them below

    1. Nigerian is reputed as being the Giant of Africa, this is largely because of her large population and the role Nigeria plays in ensuring peace among other African nations.

    2. Nigeria is mostly known for her petroleum production and exploration, Which contributes immensely to her economy. Crude oil is rated as Nigeria’s biggest export in 2019, a position it has maintained for over 15 years.

    3. Nigeria is also known for entertainments, Nigeria is well represented in the entertainment industry, we have some of the brightest comedians in the world, we have great musicians as well as actors. Nigeria’s Nollywood is the third largest movie industry in the world.

    4. Tourism – This has been a major source of revenue for the nation Nigeria, We have water bodies, beaches, water fall, rocks, museums,

    5. Lagos is known as Africa’s big apple, Lagos is an economic focal point, an industrial hub and a commercial powerhouse to not just Nigerians, but to the world so many people talk about Lagos outside and also wish to come to Lagos.

  2. Alexis

    Nigerian is well know for a whole lot of things, some of which I have listed below.

    Nigeria popularly called the giant of Africa, it also double as the richest country in Africa and considered a big brother to other African countries.

    Nigeria is widely recognized in the world as one of the major exporters of crude oil which serves as the major source of the nations revenue.

    2. Nigeria is also well known for its illustrious movie industry known as Nollywood, which has evolved over the past years to become the world’s second largest film industry.

    3. Nigerians are people who do not joke with their religion. Having majorly two religions Christianity and Islam, been practiced. Predominantly, the Igbos in the Southeast, Southerns and half of the westerns are Christians, the Hausas in the North, the other half of the westerns been Muslims. The Traditional worshipers are not left out also, but consist of a little fraction from each of the region.

    4. Nigeria is famous for the Third-Mainland Bridge located in the Lagos state, which connects the Industrious and famous island to the mainland. The bridge is the longest in Africa.

    5. Do you know that Nigeria is famous for its diversity in Butterfly which is a beautiful creature in the World. This creatures are mostly seen in the southern areas, precisely in the famous city of calabar.

  3. Flint

    Nigeria is a country on the Western coast of Africa well known for many things.

    Nigeria is well known for it exceeding uniqueness in arts and culture. It’s art work is second to none as that can be seen in it’s exhibitions all over the world including the world museum in Britain which houses the famous Queen Idia mask made of ivory by the ancient Benin kingdom. Also our cultural festivals are sort after and incomparable.

    Nigeria is well known as the most populated black nation on earth. As the rumor goes, any country you enter and don’t see a Nigerian leaving there, leave the place immediately as nothing good will come out of there.

    Nigerians are well traveled, even in Bermuda triangle, you will find Nigerians.

    Nigeria is well known for it’s vast entertainment industry which has grown to become a force to reckon with. Our dramas, songs, jokes and dance has also been the best form of entertainment all over the world.

  4. Praiz

    Nigeria is well known for different things:

    1. Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa because it is the most populated country and the most industrious country in Africa.

    2. nigeria is known for the capacity and ability to produce petroleum,nigeria is known as the largest producing oil country in Africa and have move from the 10th to 12th in ranking in the world.

    3.Nigeria is also know for terrorism due to the crisis it suffered in 2014 when the problem of a terrorist group known as boko haram came about destroying life and properties. This is a major factor in Nigeria’s history.

    4. Nigeria is also known for it entertainment stride both in the music industry and movie industry.

  5. Dsanch

    Nigeria is a country with enormous potentials and languages. It is located in West Africa along the Atlantic oceans gulf of guinea. It’s land borders are with Benin to the west, Cameroon and chad to the East and Niger to the North.

    Nigeria is know with:

    1. It’s a population which is about 203,452,505(2018)

    2. Its economy is considered one of the fastest-growing in the world.

    3. Language: English is Nigeria’s official langi but Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, fulani,kanuri and over 250 languages are spoken in the country based on one’s ethnicity.

    In Music and Entertainment: Nigerian musicians are touring the world and picking up awards at the forefront of the global race. There are acclaimed authors who are the world’s greatest writers.

    Nigerians love to be heard and seen.

    Oil: Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer and currently pumps out over two million barrels a day.

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