What is Nigeria political situation?


What is Nigeria political situation? Is it advisable for a sane-thinking Nigeria to get into politics.

Do you think politics should be left for politicians – as they say it. I’d really like to hear your opinion

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  1. Eva

    The political situation of Nigeria is critical.. It is bad…we are in a nation where votes are not counted, where the constitution is adjusted to suit the people adjusting it(the leaders).

    A leader should be politically elected, in Nigeria, they are politically selected.

    We are in a country where a man can be politically empowered to abuse others.

    we are in a county where the citizens especially the poor and the average no longer speak because when they speak their voices will not be heard.

    We are in a country where the leaders do what ever they like without considering the effect of their actions on the citizens. After all, they are above the law.

    This is just one way to describe Nigeria political situation.


    The political situation in Nigeria is appalling – to put it mildly. What do you say about a system that takes the lives of hundred of Nigerians at every election circle?

    If we have politicians with half a brain they wouldn’t just think of monetary gains when it comes to political position.

    For most of them it is just about money and power. They have nothing…. absolutely nothing to offer Nigerians. And they could kill anybody and anything just to have at it.

    The political situation in Nigeria is ridden with thuggery, bribery and high leveled corruption.

    Our election body, the Inec have major role to play in restructuring the electoral process. It may tarry but one day, we will definitely get it right.

  2. Flint
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    Politics is a game of power, leadership and influence. Politics in Nigeria is a mockery of its original meaning. The political situation is at its breaking point. It is at a point where it is no longer fit for the upright, just and righteous to engage.

    Politics in Nigeria is in dire need of restructuring, Politic is in the building block of any economy, if it is not well policed, it could become a destructive force in any nation

    Our politic in Nigeria has not been without its own challenges.

    Judging from what we saw in 2019, when these current sitting president and governors were elected, we can conclude that politic in Nigeria has deteriorated into a state of Odoriferous Jiggery-pokery (pun intended).

    Expecting a better society without strengthening the political structure will only leave the nation moving in a circus.

    Politics in Nigeria comprises godfatherism, injustice, rape, murder, corruption, dictatorship and lies. It is now a game of lies instead of truth, a game of words instead of action, a game of imps instead of leaders. And this has affected the progressive growth of the giant of Africa.

    Nigeria’s political situation is in a mess. It’s in a state of pissma pissma. Political situation in Nigeria is appalling, bad, decayed, dead and ready for burial if nothing worthwhile is done.

  3. Dsanch

    The political situation in Nigerian is practically worrisome. Politics is simply the struggle for power, in Nigeria, anything can be done to acquire this power.

    Power can be defined as the ability to influence the actions of others.

    Politics in Nigeria is not a child play, there are no rules, it is a game of numbers. If you don’t understand it, you will be churned up before you even get in.

    Truly, the political situation in Nigeria is nothing to write home About.

    Where the  Constitution is abused, youths have no say and leaders are selected and not elected.

    Where there is abused of the fundamental human rights, nepotism in all works of the economy and those at the power realm oppress the ruled.

    Nigeria politics is at it’s worst due to the bad foundations led by the colonial masters but even when they are gone, we are still colonizing ourselves.

    There is a need for urgent change or things will definitely get out of control.

    There is a need for the old cargoes to leave the office for the young ones to make a difference. We have had the same group ruling Nigerian from 1960. They were military leader, today, they are civilians.


    The political situation in Nigeria can best be described as chaotic! No surprise there! it is the same world over. Politics is a dirty game imho.

    Should you get into politics? I would rather ask whether it is proper to get into governance.

    Leadership is a calling, politics is a dirty game but if you have the qualities, by all means, please come save us.
    Unfortunately, politics precedes leadership.

    So even good leaders get corrupted in line with politics.

    If you are a Nigerian, you can vote and be voted for, it is your right to join a political party and contest for any position of your choice.

    You can test the waters and see what comes out of it.

    As long as you can imagine it, you can do it.

    The political situation of Nigeria might be chaotic but anyone resolute enough can weather the storm and ultimately initiate the much-needed change.


    Politics if left in the hands of the evil will be inflicting a wound on generations to come.

    Looking from the last general elections you would see we have still not gotten it right as a nation when it comes to the right and acceptable way of practicing politics.

    We can’t be discouraged. We only need to keep on trying to make a way out in the spheres of politics.

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