What is a typical Nigerian diet?


What do you consider a typical Nigerian diet?

I am not Nigerian but getting married to a Nigerian soon and learning to make some of the popular foods in Nigeria.

What do you normal consider as diet in Nigeria.

Also, what foods classes make up a typical diet in Nigeria?

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  1. Eva

    Rice and stew is a typical diet in Nigeria. Rice and stew is a combination of carbohydrate, protein and some micro nutrients.

    Another food considered a diet in Nigeria is EBA and egusi soup, people who prefer Eba and egusi are mostly guys with high demand for calories. Then stew and rice are mostly girls.

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    A typical Nigerian diet constitutes of two to three classes of foods that are combined and served as a square meal. Whether this diets are healthy is a question for another day.

    typical Nigerian diet

    Usually, it is a combination of carbohydrate, proteins and small quantity of fat. There is also this weird carbohydrate-carbohydrate-fat that exist. Like when jollof rice is served with fried ripe plantain and then a piece of meat.

    Below are some of what is considered a typical diet in Nigeria.

    Beans and Rice
    Rice and Beans
    This is considered a balanced diet in Nigeria since it is made up of rice (carbohydrate), beans/chicken (protein) and some vitamins and fats from the ingredients used in preparing the food.

    Eba and soup
    Eba and egusi soup
    This is considered a typical diet in Nigeria. Soups are always made with fishes and meats, hence it is considered a good source of protein. Alternatively, Eba (garri) is a source of carbohydrate.

    Eba and soup is a well known Food for dinner in Nigeria

    Moi Moi and Pap
    Moi moi and pap
    This is another weird combination Moi moi (beans) is a source of protein, the egg is also protein while the pap(akamu) is carbohydrate.

    A typical Nigerian diet constitutes of carbohydrate and protein mainly. Then some trace of vitamin, fat and minerals.

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  2. Flint

    What is considered a typical Nigerian diet differ as you move from person to person

    Diet is the total food consumed by a person. It is various food intakes taken by individuals for either weight loss or weight gain, energy and refreshment. As people are from different places so is their diet differ. Some may prefer one thing the other may not.

    A typical Nigerian diet is a diet that must consist of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and sometimes fats and oil. Nigerians are known mostly for their high intake of energy given food such as Garri, rice, yam, cocoyam, etc which falls under the class of food known as carbohydrates. They often augment it with beans ,egg,and meat which falls under the class of food known as protein. Vitamins and minerals can be gotten from there exotic and assorted soups (depending on were u come from) which are always delicious and irresistible.

    A typical Nigerian diet is mostly made up of carbohydrates and protein because they grow these class of food in large quantities and they are mostly the cheapest. Foods combinations such as yam and beans, beans ball (Akara) and pap, rice and beans, eba and soup,fried beans and plantain, jollof rice and chicken, moi moi, okpa, agidi with stew, etc are mostly foods that are part of a typical diet in Nigeria.


    A typical Nigerian diet consist of three classes of foods at least. Usually it is 70 percent carbohydrate, 20 percent protein and several other nutrients in smaller quantity.

    A clear example of this 70-20-10 diet is eba and soup.

    While eba is wholly carbohydrate, the soup supplies the 20 percent protein and a whole lot of minor nutrients.

    Another example of 70-20-10 is a plate of Jollof rice.

    The plate you see above is another example of a typical Nigerian diet, it is jollof rice – most popular food in Nigeria.

    The beef is protein while the jollof rice is carbohydrate.

    Foods like this abound in Nigeria. Typically packed full of carbohydrate and some proteins.

    A simple diet in Nigeria consist main of carbohydrate, then some protein and a plethora of other minor nutrients from vegetable and seasoning.


    Nigerians just love anything that will fill their stomach and delicious as well.

    Nigerians care about some kind of food. Examples are:

    1. Rice

    2. Beans.

    3. Amala.

    4. Pounded yam.

    5. Jolof & Fried rice.

    And seriously Nigerians love meat either it be chicken, beef, pork, mutton name it. We are just crazy about meat. It is considered as a status thing.  Lots of meat in your food means you are rich, no meat means you are poor. So always get something delicious and lovely.

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