What is the main religion of Nigeria?


What is the main religion of Nigeria? I am doing a research on causes of  the conflicts in Northern Nigeria and just wondering about the number of religions in Nigeria and of course the main religion. Thanks

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    There are lots of different religious in Nigeria but I don’t think there is a main religion in Nigeria per se. But the three known religions in Nigeria are
    The Christian Religion
    The Islamic Religion and
    The Traditional religion of Nigeria

    There are other minor group and sections but, they are not very popular.


    The main religion in Nigeria is the christian Religion judging by it’s popularity and dominance. There are more than 1 million church buildings in Nigeria, Nothing beats that IMHO. There are several other religions in Nigeria however: We have the Islamic religion and traditional religion. We also have some section of faction.
    Like in Nigeria, we have the shiites, which is a faction of the islamic religion.

  1. Eva

    We have three main religion in Nigeria..and they are 1. Christian religion 2.Islamic religion 3. African Traditional religion… But i think islamic religion is more

  2. Flint

    Nigeria is a multi-ethnic society and people’s religion is usually based on his/her ethnic group, it is hardly a thing of choice. Hausas/Fulani in Northern Nigeria are core Muslims while the easterners which are the Igbos are Christians. The Yorubas in the western part of Nigeria are part Muslim and part Christians. In Nigeria, your ethnicity says a whole lot about your religion. To answer your question – What is the main religion in Nigeria?
    I don’t think there is a main religion per se.


    I can’t really say there is a major religion in Nigeria. Nigeria has three major religions:

    1. Christian religion

    2. Islamic religion

    3. Traditional religion

    Large population of Christians can be found in the south south and south eastern part of Nigeria. They can be found in northern Nigeria, but they are quite few. You can find Christians at south western Nigeria and even the middle belt also.

    Muslims dominate the northern part of Nigeria and a small part of south western Nigeria. Muslims can be found in south eastern Nigeria also, but they are few.

    Traditional worshipers can be found anywhere in Nigeria.

  3. Williamspro

    Christianity is the  world  most populous religion with the population of 2.4 billion and Nigeria has the largest population of Christians in Africa and its fourth in  the world with the population of 80 million.  so Christianity is the main religion in Nigeria.


    The main religion of Nigeria is probably the Christian Religion since it is the most popular and the most organized. There is also a Muslim community which have been split into different groups like the Shiite and others.

    There are three registered and well documented religious bodies in Nigeria which are the

    Christian Religion

    Islamic Religion

    Traditional Religious Community.

    The existence of this three in a country have been one of the Problems in Nigeria, as enumerated by that article.

    Different Nigerians subscribe to different religion so it is hard to talk about the main religion of Nigeria. However, you can talk about the main religion of the Hausa people or that of the Igbo ethnic Group.

    This is easier because each of the ethnic groups in Nigeria have a religion that is popular and acceptable by them.

    The Igbos Are Chritians

    The Hausas are Muslims

    The Yorubas are either Christians, Muslims or in the traditional religion.

    There are other Nigerian ethnic groups, about 300 others, each of them belong either to the Christian, Muslim or traditional religion.

    Statistically, there are about 180 million Nigeria, over 65 million are registered Christians, about 52 million are Muslims, 3 million in other minor religious groups, then a group that are not subscribed to any religion whatsoever.

    The traditional religious groups should be made up of about 5 million Nigerians. Scattered across the many ethnic groups existing in Nigeria.

    These are mere estimations, you probably shouldn’t take it serious. if you think this statistics are not correct, you can use the comment form below to tell us what you know about the main religion in Nigeria.

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