What is the religious conflict in Nigeria?


What is the religious conflict in Nigeria? Nigeria has been characterized by violence and  even bloodshed since independence in 1960.

Claims exists that have linked the diversity of religion to the impoverished state of the nation, the killings, the chaos.

What do you think is the cause of this religious conflict in Nigeria and what is the way forward?

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  1. Eva

    The religious crisis in Nigeria results from conflicts of interest and divergent of opinions. There are conflicts that exist between the christian community and the Islamic community.

    We have three religions in Nigeria which are

    Christian Religion

    Islamic religion

    Traditional religion

    The religious conflict in Nigeria are between the Islamic society and the Christian community. The conflict is characterized by Genocide, kidnapping, theft, thuggery, and daylight murder.

    Over 200 Thousand Nigerian are in IDP camps as a result of religions conflict.

    Christians believed that boko haram and fulani herds are Islamic sections, and they have done more harm than good in the northern part of Nigeria.

    We all know what the religious conflict in Nigeria is all about.

    Resource control

    Land control

    Power control


    Religious conflict in Nigeria stems from an insatiable taste for one religion to dominate another. This refers to Christian-Muslim strife in modern Nigeria, dating as far back as 1953.

    The root of the religious conflict in Nigeria should be simply left to imagination.

    The Nigeria/Biafra war that lasted more than three years was caused partly by religious misconceptions and partly by political discrepancy. Nigeria has known religious conflict from inception

    Today, religious violence in Nigeria is extrapolated by the Boko Haram insurgency, which aims to impose Sharia law on the entire nation. This move has been refuted by the Christian community.

    Hence, the unending religious conflict in Nigeria.

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    The religious conflict in Nigeria can be pegged audaciously on the multiple conflicting religious bodies existing in Nigeria. Any nation with multiple religions, especially one that believe in violence and forced conversion is unarguably headed for a crack!

    Democracy, the system of government in Nigeria allows freedom of speech and freedom of worship but if you live in certain part of Nigeria, you don’t get those privileges.

    Any religious group that should be accorded any regard must allow equal playing field for other religions, alternate religions can be converted by conviction and dialogue but never by coercion or violence.

    The two major religious bodies in Nigeria remains the Christian religion and the Islamic Religion. Wherever this two coexist in parallel, there is bound to be conflict as their moral band gap is completely different.

    The consequential part of this tale should be left for another day.

    However, love, respect and unity is the core for any society with even a flint of history at their grasp, nothing else has been known to work. If every religion can grasp the importance of these three virtues, we would definitely make headway.

    Nigeria is gifted but hampered on every side by myriad of issues. To be a Nigerian, you must understand the complexities of this issue and how to triumphantly, against all odds navigate your way through life.

    Aside the religious conflict in Nigeria, we are also plagued by other issues like insecurity, political inconsistencies etc.

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  2. Flint

    The religious conflict in Nigeria has lasted for more than 40 years and continue to threaten lives and properties in several parts of the country.

    Religion is the belief on a supreme being. It is ones believe towards something or someone especially one considered to be greater and all knowing. Religion has been there from the beginning as our ancestors worshiped different deities such as amadioha, sango,eke mmiri, etc.

    Nigerians were naturally traditional religion worshipers which is one of the religions found in the country before the advert of Christianity by the Western world and Islam by the holy war.

    There are so many religions found in the world such as Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity,etc. But there are three types of religion predominantly practiced in Nigeria which are:



    African Traditional religion.

    Among these religions practiced, Christianity and Islam has been at the forefront of every sector such as politics, economy, power, education,etc in the country. Aside the ethnic conflict that is already wild-spread in contemporary Nigeria, Another major cause of conflict is our religious diversity.

    As religion came with it’s benefits such as education, hospital, etc so also it came with it’s disadvantages. Religious conflict is the state were one religion is unable to tolerate or accommodate another religion because of the belief. It’s is the situation were one religion fights another and sees them as inferior. Religious conflict is predominant in most religious countries like Nigeria. This is caused as a result of ;

    • Religious intorelance
    • Greed for power
    • Selfishness
    • Pride
    • Egoism
    • Hate.

    The desire to upheld one religion above another has been the engineering factors for the many deaths recorded in Nigeria.

    Religious conflict has done more harm than good as it has rendered so many homeless, useless, childless , frustrated, bitter and angry. This is a major cause of suicide and depression in Nigeria. If all religions learn to tolerate one another, religious conflict would be a thing of the past.

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