Who brought Islamic religion to Nigeria?


Who brought Islamic religion to Nigeria? I am doing a research on religions in Nigeria but can’t quite find information about the person that brought Islam to Nigeria, circumstances surrounding it and dates.

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  1. Eva

    History has it that islamic was brought through two geographical route which are Mali empire and Senegalese basin…it happened because of the trade between them kano(nigeria)..the first man to convert was Muhammed rumfa and he was a ruler in Hausa land.


    The question about who brought Islam to Nigeria can not be answered categorically. However, several unnamed Muslim scholars where involved in the introduction of Islam to northern Nigeria.

    Islamic religion gained ground in North-Eastern part of Nigeria, in particular the Kanem empire as a result of trade between Kanem and Northern African regions of Fezzan, Egypt and Cyrenaica exactly around the eleventh century.

    Notably, two prominent Hausa Person will always be mentioned when the story of Islam is told in Nigeria.

    1. Mai Ume Jilmi of the kanem empire.
    He was the first to openly adopt the Islamic religion as a village head in the eleventh century. His descendants later held the title of chief Iman of kanem empire for several years.

    2. Idris Alooma
    popularly known as the enforcer of the jihad that led to the take-over of some part of Northern Nigeria.
    Mr Idris Alooma furthered the cause of Islam in northern Nigeria by introducing Islamic courts, establishing Muslim praying centers (mosques), and setting up a hostel for the kanuris in Makkah, the destination for Islamic pilgrimage.

  2. Flint

    The only name I remember when asked about who brought islam to Nigeria is Usman danfodio

    Islamic religion is one of the three major religions found in Nigeria. It a religion practice mostly by people living in the  northern part of the country. It became predominant after the jihad war (holy war) fought by usman danfodio in the early eighteenth century.

    It is a religion of peace according to it’s faithful’s, the worship every Friday in a place called a mosque and with a holy book known as Koran. They are known mostly of their constant fastings, respect for celestial bodies and Islamic education. They are mostly hausas, fulani’s and few yorubas with a minute population of igbos.

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