Which state is the smallest in land mass in Nigeria?


Which state is the smallest in land mass in Nigeria? I am doing a study about Nigeria and the creation of the 36 states. Which of the state do you think have the smallest land mass among the 36?

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  1. Flint

    Surprisingly, the state with the smallest land mass among the 36 States including the federal capital territory is Lagos State.

    Ironically, it doubles as the most popular state in Nigeria and also the smallest state in Nigeria. Also, some of the largest states in land mass are very low in the popularity index.

    Lagos State is located in the south-Western part of Nigeria and sits on a land mass of about 3,345 kmsq thereby making it the state with the smallest land mass. As the rumors goes, small but mighty, Lagos State is the commercial hub of Africa. It houses one of the biggest market in Nigeria, a tourist destination and a land of many tribes, religion and people.

    It was formally the capital of Nigeria and it is occupied originally by the Yorubas who outside trade are predominantly farmers and fishermen as a result of there closness to the Atlantic ocean.

    There are other ethnic groups in Lagos state like the Igbos, Ebo, efik and many others.

  2. Eva

    The state with the smallest land mass in Nigeria is Lagos state, I know it came as a surprise but yes Lagos state has the smallest land mass in Nigeria of about 3,345kmsq, there are local government in other states that come close to those numbers. 😀

    Despite this small land mass Lagos state has the highest population in Nigeria, it is unarguably the most civilized state, the most industrious state (almost all the well developed industries are in Lagos state), the richest state(that is where Nigeria generates most of its revenue from), its the busiest state, it has most of the major seaports and airports in Nigeria.

    This state can be said to be the commercial nerve of the country and the hub for several startups in the country.

    The economy of Lagos state is so strong that it could stand should to shoulder with some African countries. It is one of richest cities in Africa and it is well known all over the world compared to other Nigerian States.

  3. Popularly referred to as ‘Eko for show.  Laos according to the Portuguese colonists which landed on its beaches in the 14th century. Lagos as we all know it is unfortunately the state with smallest land mass in Nigeria with a land mass of approximately.  3,500 sq km surrounded by water which itself is approximately thrice as large as the land mass. Formerly the federal capital of Nigeria until 1991 before it was moved to Abuja by the babangida regime. Lagos has grown from leaps to bounds both positively and negatively. U said positively and negatively? Yes

    1.lagos is the 5th largest economy in Africa. That’s just a city not a country.

    2. Lagos is the economic hub of Nigeria if not even Africa.  If you are not linked to Lagos in terms of business then you still have a long way to go.

    3. It has a lot of human resources due to its high population of over 20 million people.


    1. It’s over population has caused an increase in the conversion of water bodies into lands which has caused an high increase in flooding which has resulted in loss of life and properties.

    2. Increase in slums. Slums are unhygienic living conditions which results into diseases outbreak

    3. Increase in crime rate, Lagos is well known for its high crime rate. U are sure to hear of the likes of one-chance ie kidnapping, thuggery and armed robbery.

    Lagos is indeed a state of show.

  4. sisicaro

    The state with the smallest land mass in Nigeria is lagos state, also known as the center of excellence ,Lagos state is the most popular of the whole 36 states in Nigeria.

    A former federal capital, Lagos state boasts of several infrastructural developmental strides and is well on its way to being a mega city

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