Which is the most populated state in Nigeria?


Which is the most populated state in Nigeria? Just curious which of the 36 states do you think is the most populated. As in, the state with the highest number of people.

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  1. Eva

    Statistics shows that Lagos state is the most populated state in Nigeria. Literally, if you have visited Lagos state Nigeria, you will be wowed be the number of people at the parks, markets and streets. There are hundreds of thousands of buses hauling goods and people all over the state.

    Lagos state has the population of over 20 million people, making it the most popular state in Nigeria.

    The population grows at an annual rate of 2 to 3 %. Lagos has the highest revenue in Nigeria and unlike other states that is dependent on oil revenues, Lagos has a diversified economy with prosperous manufacturing, transport, construction, service, wholesale and retail.

    The agricultural sector is reputed as one of the best in Nigeria too.

    Lagos State generates $90 billion in goods and services annually.

    Hence, there is job provided for her large population.

    Lagos state is the most populated state and also the most industrialized state in Nigeria.

  2. Alexis

    The most populated state in Nigeria which happen to be the most populous country in the black nation of Africa falls in the southwestern part of the great nation Nigeria.

    With over an estimate of 17, 520, 940 people, Lagos emerges as the most populated state in Nigeria, and this particular state was created in May 27, 1997.

    Bounded to the east and north by Ogun state, to the west by the Republic of Benin and the south by the Atlantic Ocean.

    With a relatively small space of only 1,381 sq. miles, the area is populated with mostly the yorubas as the indigenous tribe in the area.

    Despite having a small size in terms of land mass, it is one of the most industrious states in Nigeria, with one of the functional Seaports (Apapa Seaport) using for importations of goods in and out of the country.


  3. Flint

    Among all the 36 States in Nigeria, the most populated state in Nigeria is Kano State.

    Kano State is found on the northern part of Nigeria, they are mostly hausas and fulani’s and they are predominantly Muslims. Kano State has the highest number of local government in the nation (44 local governments) and they are known for there commercial activities. Kano is the economic hub of northern Nigeria and it also houses one of the most powerful rulers of the Hausa ethnic group which is the emir of Kano.

    Politically, Kano state has always had a hand in the decision making, they play major role in deciding who becomes the president of the country because of it’s population. A landslide victory for a candidate in Kano state is a part to winning the polls. Kano state is known for it’s agricultural and commercial activities. Also, it’s is a destination for tourism in Northern Nigeria.

  4. Praiz

    Research has shown that the most populated State in Nigeria unarguably is Lagos State from the western part of Nigeria, despite the size of the State (which is small when compared to other Nigerian states), the population still remain the largest with about 21 million people.

    Statistics has recorded that the population increases annually due to factors like job creation, revenue generation, affordable housing and good road network.

    Nigeria generate a considerable amount of its revenue and income from Lagos State. Lots of people migrate to Lagos State in search of greener pasture because Lagos State is recorded as the state with the largest industry in not just Nigeria but the whole of Africa.

    Hence Lagos is also recorded as one of the biggest states in the world.

  5. This is definitely a hotly debated topic between Lagos and kano. The well documented and worldwide accepted statistics is that of the Nigerian population commission which through the 2006 census placed kano very mildly above Lagos with a little above 100,000 people. Both above 9 million people  Other statistics have shown Lagos is over twice of these standing at over 21 million people.

    Both anyways are a very pivotal in both the past, present and future of both the economic, socio-cultural and all round growth of the country.

    Which is the most populated? I believe that is to be left  on the minds of people.

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