Which state is the most educated in Nigeria?


Which state is the most educated in Nigeria? Just curious! I am doing a research on the population of Nigeria and the margin between the educated and the uneducated.

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  1. Eva

    I think Lagos state is the most educated state in Nigeria… They have the highest professors, their scheme of work is encouraging, they also invest much on education, they try to beat education down to d level of the poor, and I think they are proud so every parent want their children to be educated so they can interact with others in d community

  2. Flint

    The most educated State in Nigeria is abia State it has been on the top ranking of the senior school certificate exams for the past 5 years


    The most educated state in Nigeria is Lagos state, this assumption is only based on their internet usage. Over 14 million people from Lagos state are on facebook and instagram combined.

    Most educated state

    That is huge compared with the numbers from other states.

    Rivers state is 1.5 million

    Abuja is about 2 million

    Kaduna is about 1  million.

    So what is the correlation between education and social media usage? Well, I believe the internet is only reserved for the literate. The unlearned can’t even operate a smart phone, let alone a PC.

    A great percentage of general internet users are from Lagos state Nigeria. More than 35% of our visitors are from Lagos state. Also, more that 40% of our online shoppers come from Lagos state.

    If education has any link to practicality, then we can say that Lagos state is the most educated state in Nigeria.

    Lagos state is home to 20 million Nigerians, it is also the most industrialized state in Nigeria.

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  3. Williamspro

    On what premise would this answer be base?


    Numbers of secondary schools?

    Developmental index?

    Lagos state has a total of 349 junior secondary schools and 322 senior secondary schools with a student population of 337,742 and 229,980 respectively. Lagos state has the population of 21 million which would make it the most educated state in Nigeria.


    The most educated state in Nigeria is probably the Yoruba states… academically. The average Yoruba person is known to be educated, at least up to the secondary school level, this is the reason they have people like Wole Soyinka and the late Gani.

    States like Lagos have the most educated people in Nigeria.

    However, there are other forms of education like economic education and skillfulness.

    Some other states like Abia, Imo and Anambra are champions in this area, economical prowess if gotten through proper education. When you are academically sound, you can easily get a job but when you are economically sound you can easily create jobs.

    In sumary, I think the most educated  states in Nigeria are Lagos, Anambra, Abia, Imo and Delta.

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